Dry shampoo: you’ve probably got a bottle (or five) lurking in your bathroom cabinet, and spritz half a tin into your strands each morning to help extend your blowdry (please, just one more day?). So you most likely think you know everything there is to know about this hairstyle-saving product, right? Well, maybe not. The legendary hairstylist Sam McKnight recently taught us a couple of techniques with dry shampoo that have revolutionised how we use the stuff – and helped us eek out a few more days between washes...


When Sam was in Australia recently to celebrate the launch of his range of dreamy styling products, Hair By Sam McKnight, we noticed he applied his Lazy Girl dry shampoo onto a brush before running it through the model’s hair. We were intrigued, so we quizzed Sam as to why he preferred this method of application. “Spraying Lazy Girl onto a soft bristle brush gives you the ability to focus exactly where you need it,” explains Sam. “This way you can amp up the product around the hairline and crown of the head, where things tend to get greasiest quickest”. Sam adds: “But I do also spray it directly into the hair, into the roots and all over, followed by a quick blast of a cool hairdryer.” Yep, you read that right: your dry shampoo will absorb better when followed with a little blowdry action.

Plus, it turns out that dry shampoo’s usefulness extends past fixing greasy roots. Sam tells us, “it’s a really great way to remove any residue from face cream and makeup, or even that afternoon heavy hairline. It’s can also rescue a heavy fringe that’s separated.” We’re convinced: dry shampoo is definitely the MVP of our bathroom cabinets.


Story by Tess Schlink

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