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When trying to pinpoint the start of the Rainbow Bright-esque hair colour palette we now see as commonly in hair salons as blondes and brunettes, we’re bound to step on style trend toes. Do we go back as far Marie Antoinette’s powdered purple tinge? Or, more reasonably, stick to (very) modern history? (Sorry Punk, Gwen Stefani and Emo – we give you due nod for paving the path, but 90s’ natural and the balayage bombardment caused too big a time leap to say you made it mainstream). It’s taken about seven years (give or take), from around the time of Abby Lee’s Kevin.Murphy Colour Bug debut, for every shade under the sun to be just another day at the hairdresser – and now, the trend has taken that analogy kind of literally. Enter: Blorange (Blood Orange), as seen recently on Gigi Hadid.


grls rm @lilmami_lani ?

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The sunset-hued colour is a (small) step away from last year’s rose gold and pastel pinks and purples and, as with these predecessors, is surprisingly flattering for most skin types. As, of course, demonstrated on Instagram.



Starting to fall in love with #blorange ?

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What do you think? Are crazy hair colours going too far in their trigger-happy hybrid-ness? Are they losing their appeal as they become more appealing to the masses?


Story by Rikki Hodge-Smith

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