It’s fair to say many of us have hit a colour stalemate of late: our trusty friend, ombré has seen many iterations. From shombré to reverse ombré, it’s no surprise we’ve exhausted the style to mediocrity. Sure, it’s low maintenance and suits most of us; but 2016 is time to hit refresh on the trend guide for tinted locks. To help let go of tired old faithfuls, we’ve compiled the new hair-colour trends to get excited about and consulted hair colourist extraordinaire, Sheree Knobel, who gave the lowdown on the colour trends and hairstyle hints you’ll covet this year, and how to ask for them.

 Beauticate loves this gorgeous shot of Kendall and Gigi backstage for Balmain X H&M taken by Slaven Vlasic Beauticate loves this gorgeous shot of Kendall and Gigi backstage for Balmain X H&M taken by Slaven Vlasic



An evolution from last year’s ecaille (tortoise shell) trend, this technique asks only for a subtle shade lift without losing the impact of a fresh colour. 

“This suits brunettes who want to lighten up ever so slightly. Ask for a base colour to be applied that is one shade lighter than your natural hair colour, then some balayage or freehand painting in complimentary shades to work through the ends. What is great about this technique is that it works with your natural colour so it is not creating regrowth and is very low maintenance.”

Hairstyle Help: Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner will keep the brassiness at bay. 

 celeb inspo: olivia palermo

Celeb Inspo: Olivia palermo

Balayage Highlights


We’re not all ready to completely give up the too-easy maintenance of balayage; try this tweak on an old favourite for a more updated look. 

“This suits anyone with naturally fair skin and light hair and wants to work with their shade, rather than covering it up. Ask your colourist to hand paint lighter pieces with thick and fine sections of hair to create a natural blend of colour and texture. The trick to nailing this look is to ask to keep your natural part during the colouring process. The maintenance for this is minimal and you are likely to only be returning to your colourist two or three times a year.”

Hairstyle Help: Sachajuan Ocean Mist Spray will plump your hair up and give it that lived in feel. 

 Celeb inspo: gigi hadid

Celeb Inspo: Gigi Hadid

Root Shadow


Shall we never return to the dark ages of roots being the core of all hair evils. Done properly, a shadowy part can work as the refresh button for dull colour. 

“This look is created with a mix of foils and balayage. You’ll never see Jen with bad regrowth because she rocks the root shadow. The trend gives hair a lived-in feel, not a freshly coloured vibe where the foils are straight from the scalp. Ask your colourist to work foils right up to the underneath areas along the part and then a dark blonde tone applied to the root area only, giving hair a slight shadow. Keep your hairline and ends nice and bright. Maintenance is every six to eight weeks, but can stretch out longer without needing to buy a hat.”

Hairstyle Help: In-salon Olaplex (a bond multiplier) will relink any broken bonds caused by lighter colouring.

 celeb inspo: jen hawkins

Celeb Inspo: Jen Hawkins

Solid Blonde


Easy enough for naturally lighter hues, the solid block of blonde is a more game step for those on the dark side. But, it can be done, with a little platinum patience. 

“There are no short cuts when you’ve been dark – going to the light side is a process. It takes a few brassy blonde hues before you get where you want to be, and Margot really knows how to pull of the solid blonde. This will suit anyone whose skin is not too olive or warm toned, as it can clash with the skin. Start by asking for a few blonde highlights with and all-over lighter tint. The darker you are naturally, the more bleach highlights you will need to brighten. Maintenance is a must for this colour; your dark roots will start showing two weeks after your salon visit, and by week five you’ll be more than due for a touch-up.”

Hairstyle help: Olaplex Take Home Treatment from salon will keep hair healthy and reduce breakage.

 Celeb Inspo: margot robbie

Celeb Inspo: Margot Robbie

Natural Refresh


On-trend hair colour doesn’t need to be a drastic move. Keep your hair looking the way the Hair Gods intended, with just a little boost. 

“Kendall keeps her hair looking as natural as possible, without getting boring. I recommend a gloss for brunette hair to give it shine and enhance what you were born with. The trick is really in the styling, too. Apply a plumping mousse to wet hair and blast it dry. Then, grab big sections and wrap around a medium tong. Let it cool before shaking out and apply some texturising spray to finish.”

Hairstyle help: Oribe Gradriose Hair Plumping Mousse and Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray will help hold those waves and give you the volume you need.

 celeb inspo: kendall jenner

Celeb Inspo: Kendall Jenner

Victoria Secret Model Hair


Self explanatory – who doesn’t want the hair of an Angel? 

“I love the iconic VS model hair, and the best part is that it doesn’t take much to achieve the look. Ask for babylights or balayage around the hairline to frame your face and leave deeper roots along the part for a very natural finish.”

Hairstyle Help: Sachajuan Volume Powder will give it that tousled ‘been-rolling-around-the-sheets’ texture the Angels are known for. 

 celeb inspo: martha hunt

Celeb Inspo: Martha Hunt

Story by Rikki Hodge-Smith.

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