Call it auburn, chestnut, red or strawberry blonde, whatever your preference one thing continues to reign true – the hue of the minute has never been so smokin’. Amidst the never-ending power struggle and medieval madness that is Game of Thrones, our favourite redheaded heroines managed to rock a head of red like nobody’s business. Whether crimped, loosely braided, knotted or sophisticatedly sleek; we watched gingerly from season to season, as the small screen ethereal beauties show us mere mortals how it’s done. In a bid to reinstate power where power is due and celebrate fair ladies everywhere, throw caution to the wind and feel free to break a few redheaded beauty rules. Turns out, when it comes to the natural redhead and awesome auburn, there are few things you can’t do…


1.    Add depth to your hue.

If you’re a natural red and prefer not to dye your hair, opt for a rich red- formulated shampoo and conditioner like Bumble and Bumble True Red. Like blondes, your colour needs all the TLC it can get, so be kind. Ask your hairdresser about a semi-colour or leave in treatment, it’ll add dimension and wash out naturally.

2.    Go bold or go home.

So your mother told you to avoid red lipstick, at all costs? Believe it or not, there is nothing taboo about a red wearing red, just look at Jessica Rabbit! Familiarize yourself with blue-based reds, they’ll liven up your skin tone and make your tresses look even more intense. Our pick? YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in Rouge Roxanne. The ultimate red (head) lip.

3.    You suit more than just green.

If you’ve avoided yellow and gold like the plague your entire life, perhaps it’s time to try a copper colour? An amber or gold accent here and there needn’t wash you out, while midnight blue eyelids, blush pinks and a wash of plum or purple can make the ultimate statement. Try a plum palette like Guerlain 6 Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Rue de Passay for a pretty yet subdued punch.

4.    Twist and shout.

You’ve been blessed with a signature colour so have fun with it. Red hair is much more reflective in sunlight, so every plait, braid and twist looks all the more expressive. Try disheveled braids for a fresher take on the conventional Pippy-Long-Stockings two-plait combo, previously reserved for primary school. Spray Batiste Dry Shampoo in Vibrant Red into your roots before braiding to loosen things up and achieve a little grit.

5.    Learn to love your porcelain skin.

If you’ve been led to believe your summer skin solution can be found in a bottle of fake tan, perhaps think again. While we all love a little colour, there’s no need to be quite so heavy handed with the mousse and mitts to get your glow on. Love the skin you’re in and warm up your beauty routine with a sheer blush-toned bronzing powder like Stila Set and Illuminate Baked Powder in Pale Pink. If it’s good enough for Nicole Kidman…

6.    Maintain your brows.

Here’s where things get serious. While most red heads have their eyelash routine pretty much down pat, a great brow kit will liven up your look and transform your face, so don’t shy away from the brow department. However, over-doing your eyebrows can make you look harsh and unnatural. For those after a fixed bold brow, aim to have your brows professionally tinted every five weeks, no more than 3 shades darker than your natural colour. In between tints, Benefit’s Brow Zing in Medium will be your new best friend.

Story by Ashley Ropati.

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