Fine or limp locks are a beauty bane that can leave one feeling a little well, flat. Thick, plumped up tresses can, on the other hand, leave you feeling glamorous and on top of your game. The building block of bodacious lengths? Volume shampoo. Yep, it really does all begin in the wash.


If your hair lacks that joie de vivre we all desire, we’ve rounded up the best volumising shampoos to help you get back on top of your hair game. We asked Perth-based Beauticater Lucy Searle – who admits she is challenged in the volume department – to put some seriously strand-fattening shampoos to the test. Here’s what she discovered…

“I’ve tried a lot of volumising shampoos in my time but this gem from EVO delivers the goods. My hair is fine and requires a bit of grit to get the volume going but since using EVO Gluttony Shampoo I’ve discovered that clean hair and volume can be achieved. The perfect amount of lather, a delicious scent and voluminous locks after blow-drying? Seems I can have my cake and eat it too.”


 L’Oreal Elvive Fibrology

“If you’re after some serious body then you need to give this hair hero a whirl. This shampoo thickens hair with a magic ingredient called filloxane, which increases the thickness of the hair fibre, resulting in a bountiful head of hair that retains volume all day. I found that my hair actually felt thicker to touch (for once in my life!) and was beautifully smooth even after drying and styling. For those who don’t mind washing their locks every day, this is perfect, but I found my roots got oily quicker than normal after using this shampoo.”

“This protein-rich, low foaming shampoo is the perfect option for weightless volume. Free from silicones and other chemicals, it’s infused with Japanese red algae, nori, which apparently invigorates hair and helps provide that coveted bouncy effect. I adore the fresh, subtle green tea scent (which also doubles as a little pep up in the morning) and found that my hair held its shape and style after using this shampoo. I also found that massaging my roots when towel drying helped get maxiumum aeration and double the volume.”


Davines Essential Haircare Volu

“I love that I can wash my hair and feel good about it too, with this uplifting shampoo by Davines. Essential Haircare is a product line by the family-owned hair care brand and is guided by the principle of sustainable beauty. The Volurange includes this absolute winner that had even work colleagues asking what I’d done differently to my hair. The formula is super light with an almost airy foam that gently cleanses hair creating volume and height. The non-irritating formula is perfect for sensitive scalps and doesn’t strip hair of its natural oils. Take note of the picture-perfect bounce that is achieved after blow-drying too!”


Redken Body Full Shampoo

“Before using this I thought that dreamy, movie star bounce could only be achieved at the salon. But this little baby made me think again. Redken’s Body Full Shampoohelps bring dull, fine hair back to life after just one wash. The formula felt beautiful in my hair (admittedly ravaged after a week of some serious heat styling) and left it feeling soft and silky smooth with just the right amount of kick. Redken’s Body Full is a lightweight formula that cleanses gently meaning hair isn’t stripped of its natural oils while still achieving great body and fullness. I highly recommend pairing with Redken Body Full Conditioner for maximum volume.”


SACHAJUAN Volume Shampoo

“There was much excitement when the internationally revered Swedish haircare brand, Sachajuan, became available in Australia – and for good reason I might add. Fashion hairdressing duo Sacha Mitic and Juan Roselind are the masterminds behind Sachajuan which is now one of Scandinavia’s most sought after haircare labels. I really loved Sachajuan’s Volume Shampoo, which manages to uplift even the finest of hair. Formulated with Ocean Silk Technology, this shampoo actually rebuilds the hair fibre, which promotes structure and volume, lathers beautifully and leaves hair smelling sweet and fresh. Love at first rinse.”

“The French certainly know a thing or two about beauty. Or at the very least, they know what magical ingredients are required for a stellar volumising shampoo. Kérastase Bain Densite Bodifying Shampoo delivers texture, substance and strength to hair almost instantly. Ingredients include Stemoxydine, which apparently helps awaken dormant follicles, hyaluronic acid (an ingredient used in skincare to hydrate and plump), gluco-peptide for texture and ceramides to strengthen the hair fibre. A week after using this shampoo I noticed fuller hair and loved having that luxurious salon smell in my shower every day – magnifique!”

Story by Lucy Searle

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  1. July 2, 2017

    I’ve read so many articles about avoiding washes to get volume, but that seems to have the opposite effect on my hair – definitely going to try these products!

  2. July 2, 2017

    Is this Sachajuan shampoo available in the US?

    1. July 3, 2017