There are few things that feel more transformative or instantly gratifying as a new hairstyle. You can change your entire gait in just a few snips; Coco herself, with her words of wisdom, once reminded us, ‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.’  But, not all cuts are created equal, and just as an incredible hair transformation can do us wonders, a dated one can see us running for the hat stand. So, it’s time to be ahead of the hair game with the cuts that are trending right now. And, best of all, they suit almost everyone.

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We spoke to Melbourne’s Wieselmann Hair Salon’s hair maestro, Deanna Parker Attwood, to break it down for us. Get on-trend, sexy tresses with these three simple, fuss-free styles. Here’s what you need to tell your hairdresser at your next salon visit.



For a few seasons now, a slew of celebs have been opting for a version of the bob – lob, fringed bob, short textured layers… But, the most on point bob of the season is all about not layering. It’s the blunt bob – a considered and polished style that still lends itself to edgier styling. “The blunt cut suits all hair types especially fine hair,” says Deanna. “It maximises volume and has a sharp, edgy look. Wear blasted, waved or textured and style with Schwarzkopf Osis Volume Powder.” Remember, always leave a little kink in the ends to accentuate the details and soften the style.

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2. Undone LAYERs

To all our curly-haired Beauticaters, get ready to meet your perfect mane match – the rounded layer. “Excellent for curly hair, this is a high fashion look popular backstage at fashion week and fashion house advertising campaigns for Chanel and Burberry,” says Deanna. “Wear natural and loose. Style with a sea salt spray.”

To keep this look well maintained – you don’t want it to be a mess – work with the dimensions of your natural wave and the new layers. You want texture and movement, so work product in to the mid-length (so, no crunchy ends) with your fingers and hold the layers in their desired position for a few counts before letting them fall. Try and keep layers from the jawline, down. Think plenty of volume, movement and softer ends. A style we guarantee will complement any look. Pass us the scissors, please.

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Rosie Huntington Whitely


Once hailed the ‘Bingle Bob’ after Lara Worthington (nee Bingle) chopped her locks, this no-fuss style took on a life of its own. And, now, it has evolved. Less blunt than the Bingle’s first incarnation, this season’s cut sits somewhere between the bob and the lob, and favours a less blunt line. “This short cut is shaped in at the nape and short over ears, longer fringe and top layers,” explains Deanna. “It can be wore textured or off the face in a quiff [and is] great for all ages.”

It’s the ultimate ‘I’m running late, but still need to look effortlessly hot’ style. Think minimalism and creating perfectly, undone tousled waves for the quintessential, I just woke up like this, look.

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Story by Steph Russo

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