Sad but true: staring at your phone all day is seriously impacting your wellbeing. And we know you know the feeling, where suddenly it’s 3am and you’re still scrolling Instagram, checking work emails and filling your cart with beauty products you’ll probably never actually buy; the list of less-than-desirable screen habits goes on and on. But as digital media continues to expand into all areas of our livelihood, how can we better understand and take control of our screen habits? From 28th October until 3rd November, Eden Health Retreat will host an all-inclusive digital detox retreat in collaboration with P.E Nation, with the aim of helping attendees unplug completely (yep, there’ll even be an inspirational Q & A with brand founders, Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning). We chatted about digital detoxing with two badass business women involved with the event: Leah Itsines and Fluidform Pilates’ Kirsten King. Read on to see how each woman regains balance by disconnecting…



Leah is a creative cook, author and social media influencer, and will be hosting cooking demonstrations at the Digital Detox event. With a whopping 424,000 followers on Instagram, a major part of Leah’s time is taken up checking and updating her media platforms.

Why is it important to detox digitally?

Although it’s amazing, technology can have a huge effect on people in their lives. For me, the late night emails and phone calls, plus endless scrolling on Instagram, can take a toll on my health. Taking a digital detox (even for one day) can help you feel more like yourself.


What happens to your body if you don’t?

If I have too much screen time and am not present in the moment, I feel tired, overwhelmed and overly stressed.

Leah’s Digital Detox Rules:

  • No phones at night time. After a certain time, I don’t pick up my phone. I try to read late at night to make me fall asleep and slow my mind.
  • No phones at the dinner table. We put all the phones on one side of the table and we all stay present with each other.
  • Get outdoors without your phone. A big walk without my phone does me good! I can look up, smell the roses and just be happy and present in the moment.


Kirsten is the proud owner of Fluidform Pilates and will showing off her prowess teaching Open Air Mat Pilates classes at the Digital Detox retreat. For Kristin, digital media is an important tool for cohesive branding of her various studios located in Sydney.

Why is it important to detox digitally?

We have very limited time in our lives where we are able to switch off and allow our minds and bodies relax. The easy access to everything from emails to phone calls whether it be home or work eliminates personal freedom. It’s about resetting the mind and understanding it’s ok just to stop, reflect and let the mind relax from time to time.

What happens to your body if you don’t?

The body is a moving example of what is going on in our minds. The constant stress and pressure are displayed in headaches, muscle tightness, fatigue, the inability to heal, weight retention and high blood pressure – the list is endless.

Kirsten’s Digital Detox Rules:

  • Have screen free periods each day.
  • Find a way to relax or meditate that suits you. We call Pilates “Moving Meditation”.
  • Watch your diet. When we are tired both mentally and physically we can often have poor food choices.
  • Ensure you are drinking at least 2 litres of water each day, as water is an essential component in detoxing.

Story by Daniella Giancarli


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