It’s a cliché, but starting afresh once the mercury begins to rise again has an eternal appeal - especially with the promise of better weather (and finally hitting those vaccination targets) on the horizon. And should you be looking to focus on your wellbeing this season, from improving your sleep quality to upgrading your workouts and beyond, it’s high time to introduce a few good habits into your life, care of these wellness-boosting beauties.

The Waterpik Nano is a scaled-back version of the brand’s trademark water flosser, better suited to those limited on sink space but not wanting to sacrifice any of the benefits of the original. Think of it as not unlike the first step when double cleansing your face: a preliminary once-over so that you can properly clean your teeth when brushing. It provides a ‘just visited the dentist’ degree of clean which is – unsurprisingly – completely addictive.

Waterpik Waterflosser Nano
Current Body x Dr Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask

London-based aesthetic doctor Dr Steve Harris has partnered with beauty device purveyors CurrentBody to create an aesthetically-minded sleep mask. It’s fitted with precisely positioned silicone dots which stimulate delicate nerve endings called mechanoreceptors, relaxing muscles out of the wrinkle-forming positions we can often assume while sleeping (think inadvertently frowning and furrowing brows), preventing lines long-term. Users also rate the mask for promoting a better night’s sleep, thanks to its relaxing acupressure mechanism, and as it wraps fully around the eye area, blocking out every chink of light.

When considering tweaks to live more healthily, one’s sleep hygiene is a prudent first port of call – and maximising the beauty-boosting potential of those daily eight hours a wise step to make. The beautifying bona fides of silk pillowcases have long been established, notably for keeping locks smooth and skin hydrated and crease-free. Silvi’s range boast all the aforementioned benefits as well as helping to prevent acne: each pillowcase is treated with bacteria-zapping silver ions, which, along with helping to prevent breakouts, keep things cleaner for longer (they recommend washing your case only every 10 to 14 days).

Silvi Anti-Acne Pillowcase
LSKD set

There’s no more effective way to ease yourself back into an exercise routine than via the tried-and-tested route of buying yourself some new activewear. Treat yourself with this bra and bike short set from Australian activewear outfitters LSKD in colour-of-the-moment olive green and we promise you’ll actually look forward to booking into your next spin class.

Ask any wellness expert for advice on making your diet healthier, and you’ll find that slotting in a few more plant-based meals per week seems to be a recurring refrain. If you don’t have the wherewithal or time to whip up mouthwatering plant-based fare, let meal delivery service Soulara do the hard work for you with their delicious and nourishing meals. The calming caponata, warming mushroom earth bowl, and peanut butter cups all come particularly highly recommended.

Face Gym Mini Training Stick Set

What to apply to your face during exercise is a vexed issue: too much of the wrong product can lead to breakouts, while too little can leave skin feeling tight and parched. Face Gym have devised an ingenious solution with skincare that works harder when you’re breaking a sweat, in the form of their training sticks. Purpose-built for use during workouts, they’re activated by heat and motion, with each targeting a particular concern, from brightening dull complexions, to decongesting acne-prone skin.

If you’re looking to remedy insomnia (or just simply to improve your sleep quality), start by addressing how you spend your evening hours and craft an airtight routine pre-bed: a series of calming practices repeated every night until your brain associates them with deep and restorative sleep. WelleCo’s tea would make a fine addition to your night-time ritual: its blend of sleep-inducing herbs like hops, valerian, and lemon balm make it the perfect soporific sip to help unwind before bed.

WelleCo Sleep Welle Tea

Story by Tess de Vivie de Régie. Holding shot of Lindsey Wixson for Eres, 2014.

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