Glowing skin, a sharp mind, and an abundance of vitality: it’s the trifecta that we’re all on a quest to achieve, but let’s be real: with our fast-paced lives it’s more a fantasy than a reality. It’s a struggle that earth mother and actress Teresa Palmer knows all too well – which is why she joined forces with wellness extraordinaire Christiane Duigan to create Lovewell – a company that produces supplements targeting every nutritional need. Sigourney caught up with the stunning pair and learned the secrets behind their friendship and the ingredients that make their supplement stand out - plus, an ultra-quick and delicious smoothie recipe...

How they met

Chrissy Duigan and Teresa Palmer’s friendship story began on social media and they soon became besties: “We just met up and were so like minded – instantaneously it was just a beautiful flow of conversation. We just wanted to get deeper and talk about all sorts of things,” Teresa says.

They supported each other through different periods on their journeys – from globe-trotting career women, to motherhood and entrepreneurship. “We met pre-kids, so we got to see each other go through babies,” Teresa says. “We even had the same midwives,” Chrissy adds.

Crossed Paths

By coincidence, their lives followed a similar trajectory: Chrissy and Teresa both left their hometown of Adelaide at the same age, travelled to similar regions in the world, and came back to Adelaide to settle down and start a family, all within similar time frames. “Our stars aligned so organically,” Teresa says.

The pair love living in Adelaide (“It’s rad,” Teresa exclaims), and their families got along famously, too – their hubbies love to surf together, enjoying South Australia’s immaculate coastline and great surf breaks.

Their lightbulb moment

Anyone with a fast-paced lifestyle knows just how exhausting it can be to find the time to create a perfectly nutritious meal every night. Being working mums with hectic schedules, a lightbulb went off: why not make life easier by producing a delicious, one-stop formula offering major nutritional benefits?

Noticing a gap in the market, Lovewell was born – a plant-based supplement brand, with ethically sourced ingredients.

 The perfect formula

Nailing the formula didn’t come easy. They worked with world-leading nutritionists and doctors to perfect the blend, and admittedly there were disagreements – Teresa initially didn’t want mushrooms in the blend, but eventually Chrissy convinced her of their powerful antioxidant benefits.

The final outcome? Two antioxidant rich, nutrient-dense supplements – Blossom and Growth. Blossom is a more potent formula designed to aid adults with cellular and digestive health, and memory recall. Growth is suitable for everyone, particularly the little ones – perfect for strengthening bones, boosting immunity and improving cognitive function.

Superhero ingredients

Want to know the ingredients that made Teresa and Chrissy’s super-stringent supplement cut?

Pea and Hemp Protein: protein is the essential building block for crystal clear skin, silky hair and strong nails. But not all protein is created equal: hemp protein contains the perfect dose of Omega-6 and Omega-3, whilst pea protein offers the most concentrated levels of plant-based protein.

Fermented supergreens: helps alkalise the body and neutralise acidic foods, like red meat and caffeine, which can cause lethargy and lacklustre skin.

Marine calcium: this special plant-based form of calcium has higher levels of fatigue-reducing magnesium and more potent bone-strengthening properties.

Maca: a heavy-lifting supplement for balancing hormones and reducing cortisol – the pesky chemical that causes stress and anxiety.

Tremella: helps boost collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin, enhancing its luminosity and hydration – perfect for keeping lines at bay.

Lion’s Mane: a superfood that diminishes anxiety, improves heart health and a favourite ingredient to take before exams – it’s said to boost concentration levels.

Their go-to smoothie recipe?

Try Teresa and Chrissy’s simple two-ingredient recipe at home: blend together a tablespoon of your Lovewell powder of choice, a banana per person, and some almond milk (it apparently tastes scrumptious with ice cream, too). Teresa recommends adding a tablespoon of nut butter per person for extra creaminess. “The kids love it,” Teresa says. And quite frankly, that’s a feat that’s sometimes difficult to achieve…

Story by Kristina Zhou. Photography by Camilla Quiddington. Styling by Kristin Rawson.

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