As winter sets in, the Beauticate office is ready for the arming comfort of delicious teas. But, any old tea bag just won’t do; after all, we are in the game of beauty and even our warming brews have better had with a side of skin-benefits. Our favourite blends are those that keep skin glowing, healthy-looking and will do wonders to combat skin-sabotaging sugar cravings.

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Tea can really be your skin game-changer over the colder seasons – the right blend can be intensely hydrating, hold an abundance of antioxidants and boost skin collagen. Seriously, this is not a drill. So grab your favourite teapot, find a cozy corner and beat the chill with the ultimate beauty-benefitting belly warmers. And, we’re taking you beyond the trusty go-to green tea variety.

The Ultimate Skin Protector Tea

Full of skin-defending anti-oxidants, matcha tea (bright green in colour) – often made into a dissolvable stone-ground powder rather than in a bag or in leaves – was made for fending off the elements that wreak havoc on your skin. With a super-ingredient blend of Chinese Sencha, Indian Ooothu and Vietnamese Suoi Gang, this green tea-born brew control free radicals, which takes care of the dry damage sun (yes, even in winter), wind and harsh conditions cause the skin. It can also aid in the control of acne, ageing and moisture. It has even boasted an ability to prevent illness and boost memory and concentration. So, another cup, then?


The Inner Glow Tea

Aptly titled ‘Glow’, this beauty-rich blend from Orchard Street is packed with all of our favourite skin-loving ingredients: Rosehip rosehip and goji berries, plus lemon peel for zest and dandelion for the ever-improtant lymphatic drainage (takes away all the toxins from the skin tissue). Slightly bitter in taste, it does have that ‘this is definitely healthy’ feel – but add a little bit of honey or maple syrup if you need a hint of sweetness. It does have a detoxifying effect, so make sure you keep your hydrating liquids (read: H20) to at least 2 liters a day. Have at least three or four cups a week and your skin will be forever grateful.


The Saving Face De-stress Tea

If you associate a hot cup of tea with TLC then this is the blend for you. After an intense day of work and life, the stress will often show on your face. Breakouts, fine lines, dryness…you name it, the skin doesn’t lie. That’s why Organic India Original Tulsi Tea  is the perfect accompaniment for those looking to tame their stress levels to save their skin. Made up with an organic blend of holy basil leaf – a natural anxiety and stress reliever, as well as an anti-aging hero – one sip is like a big warm (beneficial) hug.


The Youth Tea

Who knew the fountain of youth could be found in your steaming cup of tea? Ruby Heart Berry Organic Tea by Ovvio Organics isn’t messing around when it comes to pausing, or reversing, time on your skin. Rich in antioxidants, this brew does leave you with a tell-tale ‘childhood days of eating raspberry icy-poles’ red tongue – but, rest assured, there’s nothing child’s play about the results. Made up of juniper berry, hibiscus flower, and rosehip, the tea blend assists with relieving cystitis, stomach pain, circulatory issues and inflammation. The super-injection of antioxidants provides skin with a radiant boost – a cup of this berry delight definitely a daily habit to embrace.


The No-Sugar Sweet-Fix Tea

There’s nothing wrong with being a sweet tooth, until you’ve scoffed an entire week’s ration of chocolate in one sitting (don’t worry, on a deadline, we know the feeling all too well). Save yourself the mental breakdown and skin breakout and stock up on a sweet tea, sans the sugar. To take your mind off the rich hot-chocolates and biscuits to dunk, try Egyptian Licorice by Yogi Tea . For centuries, licorice root (not to be confused with the black confectionary) has been used to treat skin conditions like psoriasis, pigmentation and eczema. But, it also has amazing overall health benefits, aiding the treatment of chronic fatigue, depression, acid reflux and digestive tract inflammation. Sweet deal.


Story by Claudia De Berardinis

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