There’s nothing like a fresh, clean calendar year to inspire fervent promises and lofty intentions. The problem with New Years resolutions is that often they’re so extreme that they’re hard to upkeep year round. I can’t tell you how many of my optimistic Januarys have given way to unused gym memberships, lapsed meal plans and dusty Pilates DVD’s… This year I tried to make resolutions that were realistic and so far (cross fingers), so good. Here are a few intentions that have been working well for me already. Now… if I can just keep it up all year.

1. I will… drink loads of water and moisturise more

The most sublime-skinned Beauticates that I’ve interviewed have all sworn by bucket loads of hydration. Lindy Klim relies on coconut water and Lara Bingle swears by SK-II masks. So I’ve been drinking a lot more water (after much research switched from tap water to a four litre Berkey water filter from Aussie website Divine Water) and slathering on trowels of moisturiser. New favourites? The new moisturiser by the ladies at The Clinic – a Sydney institution famous for treating A-listers, TV personalities and beauty editors alike. The founders, Kate Scott and Lisa Sullivan, really know their stuff. So it made perfect sense that they decided to launch their own do-it-all melt-on-contact face cream that leaves skin feeling all juicy and springy. Another beautiful one I’ve found is Argentum La Potion Infinie – it’s a beautiful silky lotion that is 99.9% natural origins and goes on like a dream. It’s rare to find an all-natural anti-ager so this is great when I’m having a chemi-free “my body is a temple’” moment.


2. I will… keep up my beauty appointments

I know how lucky I am to be able to test out the best beauty treatments and call it work. But often I get bogged down in deadlines and let my beauty maintenance slip. This year I’m going to make (and keep!) standing appointments with the following superstar salons: Lash Extensions at Love Those Lashes – this is my time-saving beauty secret, AKA mummy’s little helper. On non-event days I can roll out of bed and skip the makeup because my lashes are always looking fierce. The express, supercharged facials brighten and plump skin and whiten teeth; Vinylux manis with Jocelyn Petroni – Joss is not only a superstar facialist, her digit work is so stellar she frequently gets called to do Miranda and Jenn’s nails for big shoots.

3. I will…wear more hats and apply sunscreen EVERY day

I love that there are so many gorgeous hats in fashion at the moment from the panama to the boater. I’m currently loving the Fallen Broken Street Straw Boater, (gorgeous with a simple white dress).


4. I will… ditch my phone at bedtime and wake up gently

One thing I learnt at Gwinganna was the importance of winding down and switching off your devices before bed. Phones and laptops emit LED light, which is blue on the light spectrum – like sunrise. So looking at blue light before bed tells the brain that it’s time to wake up.  It’s also seriously stimulating to work before bed (I blame late laptop sessions for all the insomnia I’ve suffered this year). Enough is enough! I’ve started to leave my phone charging in the other room at night and am relying on my Jawbone UP 24 fitness tracker to wake me up. Aside from keeping tabs on my activity through the day, it also tracks my sleep, uses motion detection to tell when my body is in the lightest sleep stage and gently vibrates to wake me up in a pre-determined 30 minute window. So much nicer than that irritating Iphone alarm.

5. I will… minimise my chemical load

I keep reading about how chemicals from cosmetics build up in our bodies over time, and having built a career in beauty that’s pretty scary. While the jury is still out on exactly how harmful it is (apparently the chemicals they use are in such small doses that it doesn’t pose significant threat), I’ve decided to go natural with some things to reduce the chemical load on my body. Switching to a natural self-tan (try Eco Tan and Kiri Organics Gradual Tan) and body moisturiser (I love Sodashi Jasmine and Rose Body Lotion) on the days  when I’m not testing something new makes sense to me. I’m also experimenting with natural perfume oils because fragrances contain hundreds of chemical compounds. I really like Aromantik The Blossom Thief Perfume Oil – it smells exactly like those first spring jasmine blossoms. Heaven. I’m not prepared to give up my super-powered skincare just yet but this is a good start.


6. I will… do some yoga classes and keep up my home practice

I’ve been practising yoga for over 15 years but I go through phases with it. I haven’t been making it to class lately but I often just get on the mat (even in front of the TV) and do some Cat-Cow poses, or my favourite for decompressing computer shoulders – Eagle pose. While I love the psychadelic tropical design of the Kamuka Leopard Floral mat, the The Lululemon Pure Mat is the best I’ve tried for performance. The non-slip surface grips my hands and feet beautifully, it’s super cushiony and the charcoal colourway blends seamlessly into my loungeroom when I leave it out for days on end.  For when I do make it to classes at Power Living yoga or Body Mind Life, things get pretty sweaty. Naturally I’ll lather up after with this body wash from One Hot Yoga in Melbourne.


7. I will… start meditating again

Before Max was born I did a Vedic Meditation course with the amazing Gary Gorrow and it literally changed my life. I knew how powerful meditation is but every time I tried to do it I would get myself all frustrated and wound up. My mind wouldn’t stop jumping around (they call that the monkey mind). Learning the Vedic technique really helped as it involves repeating a mantra, so it gives your mind something to hang on to. I’ve started practising again but I’d like to get back into the daily habit. When I meditate I burn incense and look out to my garden. It really helps get me into the zone. I’ve just discovered Blackbird Incense Pyres – after old faithful Nag Champa it’s possibly one of the most relaxing scents ever.

8. I will… reward good behaviour.

I read once that you should reward yourself if you achieve your goals. So at the end of the month if I’ve done all of the above I’m going to allow myself a treat. Maybe it’s a massage or something I’ve had my eye on. My first reward was this beautiful Anna Beck necklace – I found it when I was having my hair done at Papillon Hair in Paddington, which is run by a very clever stylist Deborah Grevett. I love that you can shop while you get your colour done. This range is handmade in Bali and is beautiful quality.

Story by Sigourney.

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  1. January 28, 2015
    Savannah Holmes

    I like this very much Sigourney.

    1. January 29, 2015

      Thank you Savannah! I like your name very much! x