Achieving immaculate locks with minimal effort, once seemed like a distant reality. I used to rely on an an arsenal of “holy-grail” hair products that delivered sleek and shiny hair, but this extensive routine became rather time consuming, so I would often neglect the process and end up with a ratty bird’s nest! As a result, I went on the lookout for time-efficient hacks that delivered immaculate tresses. After years of experimentation, I have finally nailed down 3 effortless secrets on how to get nice hair!

The reverse hair washing technique to achieve luscious hair

The conventional playbook on how to get nice hair says you should shampoo first and follow up with conditioner afterwards. But I tried the steps in reverse and noticed my hair was significantly sleeker, silkier and more bodacious. The best way to maximise the benefits of this ‘reverse’ hair washing system is to pair a hydrating conditioner with a clarifying or volumising shampoo. Also remember to only slightly rinse the conditioner off with water, and use shampoo to thoroughly remove the remaining conditioner. Why? People are often concerned that leaving their hair ‘unconditioned’ after shampooing will result in brittle hair. But think about it this way: the shampoo is actually mixed in with the conditioner when you are cleansing your hair. The combination provides the perfect balance: conditioner nourishes your hair and counters any potential dryness from the shampoo, whilst the clarifying effects of the shampoo ensure your hair is not weighed down.

My personal favourite for this process? I highly recommend using the Zenz Organics Conditioner Pure no. 02 because it’s one of the few conditioners that tames frizz, smooths split ends and deeply hydrates. The Zenz Organics Shampoo Pure no. 01 is excellent in in conjunction with the richer conditioner, because it thoroughly cleanses and adds a beautiful bounce and airiness to your locks without drying the hair.

The smoothing hair brush that ups my shine game

The common response amongst elite hairstylists on how to get nice hair? Find the right brush (because the wrong one can actually cause your hair to become frizzy in a single swipe). I once raved about the original WetBrush, and whilst it’s still a firm favourite, I can’t deny that its holygrail position has been slightly usurped by the WetBrush Backbar Pro Detangler. It glides through the hair seamlessly –  eradicating even the toughest knots. The key difference between the original and pro? While the original is excellent at taming unruly hair and delivering a smooth finish, the latter has a stronger anti-static function that helps minimise frizz and keeps flyaway hairs at bay. Additionally, I also find it “straightens” my hair and makes it look neater.  The open vented design enables more air to be distributed throughout your locks, so it does speed up my drying time! PRO TIP:  Whilst this brush is excellent at smoothing and polishing the hair, don’t press too hard on the brush, as it can slightly decrease the volume of your hair due to its superior hair taming capacities.

The frizz busting hair oil

To make my hair more glossy for special occasions, I simply run a pea sized amount of this Babyliss Pro Argan Oil towards the ends of my hair. Most hair oils tend to make me look like someone who has not washed their hair in decades. However, this gem doesn’t weigh my hair down and leaves a beautiful (and natural) looking sheen, as opposed to a greasy mess. I find it also helps reduce the appearance of split ends and an easy solution for how to get nice hair!

Story by Kristina Zhou; Holding shot by Instagram @balmoan.

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