As you can probably imagine, Beauticate gets sent a lot of beauty products. I mean A LOT. During lockdown I shut down the office and had to think quickly about where all those products were going to go. Luckily we have an office in our new house, so I searched high and low for a beautiful sideboard that would be aesthetically pleasing while storing LOTS of products. Enter RJ Living. I had been eyeing off their rattan collection – the Embrace – for quite some time and was thrilled that the Embrace Sideboard fit the space perfectly.

Melbourne-based RJ Living has been on my radar as they create quality pieces that are designed to last the distance. They design everything locally and actually use customer feedback to feed back into their designs. 

We also needed a TV unit, which is in the living room next door to the office so it also stores my overflow of product. I store my sheet masks and nail products in there, as they are the perfect things to trial while relaxing in front of a spot of Netflix. 

For the entertainment unit, I loved the design of the Linear collection – the timber slats allow you to control tech boxes inside without having to open the doors. It’s also a very lowline, elegant design that worked back perfectly with the sandstone fireplace and other features of our living room. 

Inside the beauty cupboard are a series of plastic tubs from Kmart (the 3 x 2 shelves fit perfectly!) that are labeled “Skincare” “Body” “Hair” “Makeup” etc, and I keep all the new deliveries here before I syphon them off for testing among myself and the team.

I’ve styled the sideboard up with some artworks like the Pottering by Rikki Day and framed Chanel nail polishes. A pop of colour with some coffee table books and flowers and a Maison Balzac carafe gives it a bit more visual interest and I love changing things up to keep the office feeling fresh. 

Ditto in the living room. Coffee table books stacked on the entertainment unit add more visual interest alongside pot plants and candles by Diptyque and Byredo (Feu De Bois and Woods are my favourites). 

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Words by Sigourney Cantelo. Photography by Camilla Quiddington. Hair and makeup by Jessica Diez.

In partnership with @rj.living.

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