There’s nothing quite like the change in seasons to inspire a complete interiors overhaul - and as we slip into the cooler months and spend more time cosily indoors, it seemed like the perfect time to get schooled in what’s trending right now in the world of interiors. So naturally, we turned to Sydney interiors mecca Coco Republic, whose gorgeous wares can be spotted in some of the country’s chicest homes, for the lowdown. Here, Coco Republic Interior Designer Grace Fernan shares the styles we should embracing, the pieces we should be seeking, and how to update your home for winter…



Curved Contours

A shapely trend in furniture design is the rounded, curvature form, which is influencing the composition of seating pieces in particular; these fluid designs seamlessly integrate into their interior spaces. Combining romantic and feminine silhouettes –  some with added panelling or stitching detail – these styles soften upholsteries of tactile leathers, bold velvets and woven textures. Take inspiration from Parisian loft apartments with Coco Republic’s Atelier sofa, upholstered in a textured lambswool. The elegant curve lines teamed with plush cushioning spell total comfort and softness.

Raw Asymmetry

Natural elements and imperfect form go hand in hand in furniture design. We are celebrating and showcasing the authenticity of materials with rustic timbers and unique stone in organic forms and shapes. Our sculptural series of coffee tables, particularly the Nobu Burnt Teak Root style, make for aesthetically pleasing and functionally useful pieces. Embracing purity of form and graceful geometric lines and curves, each piece is naturally unique and tactile in touch.



Timeless Lounging

As our lounge room is where we retreat to read, work or quickly take some time for ourselves, it’s the place to feature our most personal, beloved items. A key piece to include in your lounge setting is a timeless chair that elevates its surrounding pieces. I love seeing statement pieces that have been collected during travels or a must have love-at-first-sight item that seamlessly integrates the room.

Allure of Lighting

Be bold with your lighting. We are ultimately drawn to a space by the way it makes us feel, and lighting is a powerful sensory tool that can define, centralise and showcase your room in a particular way. Sculptural chandeliers with organic forms can soften and centre your dining table, while contemporary, directional floor lamps invite you to take a seat in that reading nook. My pick? The Arnage Table Lamp – a lovely piece to aid task lighting.

Grounding Furnishings

Don’t underestimate the power of textiles to complement the larger scale furniture pieces in your home. The rug that grounds and bring warmth to your dining setting, the large floral linen cushions, and the soft velvets you find comfort in on your sofa, teamed with graphic wall coverings and personalised art pieces – these inclusions speak of an interior curated with intention.



Earthy Tones

Maybe the influence of our eco-conscious consumerism minds has influenced our attraction to earthy tones for our interiors. From mustard to terracotta shades, burnt oranges to gumtree blush, and even fiery reds, these shades feature across soft furnishings and upholstery. With a broad spectrum of compatible colours, these energetic yet grounding hues are great for adding warmth to contemporary schemes. Leathers in rich tan colours are being embraced to create versatile sofa and seating upholstery options.

Sophisticated Pastels

The use of innocently soft pastels creates a chic juxtaposition when paired with sophisticated materiality and mature design schemes. These subdued tones mix beautifully with patinaed metallics of antique gold, bronze and silver to add a luxurious feel. Our limited edition Calisto Pink Onyx Tray incorporates soft pink hues within its marble composition.



Luxurious Textiles

Embrace comfort for all the senses. To avoid the winter chill, remove the cold edge from your home by introducing plush soft furnishings and cushions. Pair warm textures like wool and chunky knits with the sophistication of rich velvets and mohair fabrics. Opt for bold moody hues to create warmth, and include more soft furnishings, cushions and throws for extra comfort.

Cosy Candlelight

The glow of candles effortlessly warms your home, so make candlelight your primary source of light in the cooler months. Give your candles prominence by placing them on top of sculptural hurricanes or add a glass cloche to preserve your candles when they’re not burning.



Artisanal Ceramics

Beautiful and delicate, handcrafted ceramics are a wonderful addition to include as tableware and decorative ornaments in your home. With textural and playful shapes, these homewares pieces often look to nature for inspiration. Fill vases with feminine blooms and substantial branches, or place your favourite beauty products and crystals on textured trays and dishes. Beautiful ceramic and clay dinnerware are styled perfectly with organic linen napkins and hard-carved wooden serving ware.

Luxe Kitchenware

Kitchenware and utensils are no longer just purchased with practicality in mind, with these staple items now available in beautifully decorative and functional designs. Think the sculptural form of salt and pepper grinders that no longer have to be stashed away in the cupboard after use, the organic chopping boards that sit propped up with your favourite cooking book, and the ceramic jugs filled with lush branches to introduce a natural feel to your kitchen. Seek out our Elements Jug for a contemporary, timeless addition to your kitchen.


Organics On Display

I am loving the push behind natural skincare you can keep out on display in your bedroom and bathroom – having your objects of ritual out on show really personalises your space. Essential oils and luxurious diffusers add a beautiful fragrance to your home and team perfectly with your favourite coffee table books in the lounge room.

Story by Grace Fernan, Interior Designer at Coco Republic

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