For many of us, this period of social distancing might be the first time we’ve worked from home in our entire careers. While #WFH comes with a whole host of benefits (skipping the commute and its associated perils immediately comes to mind), being productive in a home environment can be a little challenging at first. Creating an inspiring workspace is an essential component of productivity at home, so that’s where we suggest you start. Whether you’re new to the setup or a working from home veteran, here are the home office pieces that will help boost efficiency while also being beautiful.

Getting the foundations right is fundamental, which obviously means your desk. We’re keen on this pared-back option from Ikea, offering just the right amount of storage (too many drawers and even the most committed minimalist can give into a little hoarding) and is a blank canvas perfect for adding your own touches (more on that below).

Many traditional desk chairs on the market are, dare we say, a little unsightly and uninspiring – but this velvet upholstered beauty from West Elm is chic, while remaining comfortable and cosy for a whole day al desko. Our colour pick? That pretty but not too sugary pink, of course.

We’re currently lusting after all things Papier, the darling of the world of stationery right now that offers artful and customisable paper goods. Much as we splurge on exercise clothes to boost our motivation after signing up to the gym, may we suggest you apply the same logic to your new working arrangements, and treat yourself to a personalised notebook to stay organised in style.

Few spaces in our home aren’t adorned with a clutch of candles, and our desks are no exception. In terms of scent, it’s good to choose strategically and opt for something uplifting that will guarantee maximum concentration, and No. 22’s Laundry Room candle – which is both fresh-washing-clean and comfortingly warm – fits that bill precisely. For a final touch of cool, pair with these ultra-elegant matches (even if they’re just for show while you keep reaching for your Redheads).

#WorkingFromHome may just be the perfect excuse to splurge on a timeless décor piece to beautify your bureau (well, that’s at least how we’re justifying things). Top of our wishlist is this piece from Scanlon Apparati, who handcraft exquisite desk accessories beloved by the fashion set. Strictly speaking it’s a letter holder, but it can obviously be repurposed to corral all manner of bits and bobs, while simultaneously scoring serious points in both the organisation and beauty stakes.

Even those who have eschewed pen and paper long ago will lust after this cheeky diffuser from Anya Hindmarch, modelled after an old-school pen pot. Fragranced with a fresh, green scent (think blackcurrant leaves and citrus), it will help inject a little fun into your workspace.

Story by Tess de Vivie de Régie. Holding shot image credit: Instagram @oliviapalermo

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