Ask any model slash actress for the secret behind their enviable bod, and the answer will most likely be yoga. Yawn. But what if this ancient practice could also give you an au naturel face-lift? Now we’re listening.



The concept of exercising your face dates back centuries (some say as far back as Cleopatra’s reign), and flutters in and out of trend often. Rebranded in 21st century packaging, face yoga – or foga – is the latest beauty buzzword making the rounds. Many aestheticians and beauty fanatics alike had long held doubts about its efficacy – until now.

An American study published just last month found exercises for the visage can turn back the clock in a matter of months.

In the study published by JAMA Dermatology, researchers at Northwestern University found that twenty weeks of facial exercises resulted in visibly firmed skin and fuller cheeks, making the female participants appear younger by an average of three years.

Essentially a combination of facial poses, this free, painless method makes for a more lifted expression by isolating and strengthening the muscles so they remain tight and refrain from drooping, consequently dragging the skin down with them. Buh-bye double chin and hello sculpted gorgeousness.

Lead author of the study, Dr Murad Alam described these face aerobics as, “Non-invasive, non-toxic, at-home exercises that anyone can perform [that] can possibly slow or correct the appearance of volume loss in the face.”

“Facial attractiveness and youth are associated with a smooth, full facial contour, so even a modest improvement of facial contour is a win for patients.”

It gets better. The study also found that after the initial 3 months of practice, the women were able to do the exercises every other day and see the same results.  The programme consisted of 32 face mudras, which was developed by Happy Face Yoga.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and supermodel Cindy Crawford are all reportedly huge fans of exercising their really, really ridiculously good-looking money-makers. Another famous beauty singing praises for facercise? Royal bride-to-be Meghan Markle, who said the workouts define her cheekbones and jawline.  Most of that appears to be the result of winning the genetic lottery with a sprinkle of soon-to-be-princess glow, but I digress.

Yoga is widely known for lifting, toning and strengthening muscles – so why limit the goodness to just your body? Not to mention that these particular exercises are different from regular workouts – i.e. you won’t be left cursing in a pile of sweat and tears. Bliss.


Another advantage: no gym membership required. Unlike working out your bod which can be done in public with fellow masochists, we recommend foga to be restricted to the privacy of your own home. Hot tip: practice in the bathroom mirror, out of sight of your small humans who frighten easily. It’s not an overstatement to say you’ll be looking less zen and more lunatic whilst working out your eyelids.

And extra points for making faces behind your partner’s back. We feel calmer already. Ommmm…

Story by Marina Gainulina

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