Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is one of the biggest trends on the beauty block right now. However, can sleeping on silk pillowcases really improve our skin and - gasp - even keep us wrinkle-free? We went straight to the experts to find out whether this trend is worth the investment.


A quick Google search will bring up a number of silk pillowcases all promising youthful, line-free skin. Fiona Stewart, co-founder of cult silk pillowcase brand Slip, states this is for good reason. Fiona says, “sleeping on a silk pillowcase can reduce friction, which can help reduce stretching and tugging on delicate facial skin. Which is beneficial as skin ages, loses elasticity and sleep creases become more pronounced and longer lasting.”


However, is it true that sleep creases can become permanent over time? Dr John Mahony, board member of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia thinks so. While there isn’t substantial scientific evidence proving that making the swap from our beloved cotton or polyester pillowcases to silk ones will guarantee us a host of beauty benefits, he is certain that a number of vertical lines on the face can arise due to sleeping on our side. “Sleeping on our side compresses the skin towards the mid-line, resulting in creases; and because silk pillowcases create less friction between the skin and the pillow, it is thought that making the swap is less likely to create these wrinkles.”


Which is why our sleeping position matters. Dr Mahony advises that the prime position to reduce wrinkles when sleeping is on our back. Although for many, this position is actually hard to achieve. “Sleeping on one’s back is thought to be the best position to maintain in order to reduce wrinkle risk, but of course maintaining such a position is problematic and can in turn be related to snoring and sleep apnoea.”


Therefore, while silk can help reduce wrinkles, there are many more factors we should be wary of when we get our shut eye. Dr Mahony advises us to consider our pillow shape too, as “pillows shaped to reduce their compressive effect on the cheeks have been tentatively demonstrated to reduce the formation of sleep lines.” However, he adds that even if we add a silk pillowcase to our skincare regime, we must never forget that skin ageing is multifaceted and is something that requires multiple actions to handle. “One strategy cannot substitute for another. So, a silk pillowcase may help, but cannot substitute for other skin care strategies.”

Story by Yadira Galarza Cauchi

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