Dehydration is a major bugbear for most skins, that zaps our poor complexion of that much-coveted glow and luminosity. At Beauticate, we've trialed more hydrating products than you could care to count, but our interest was nonetheless piqued by Elizabeth Arden's new Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Capsules. To be used daily as part of your morning and/or evening routine, slotting between cleansing and your moisturiser, they claim to offer major hydration in one cleverly packaged and convenient capsule. Ever the willing guinea pigs, we put the capsules through their paces to see if they live up to their claims - read our verdicts below...

Sigourney Cantelo, Founder & Editor

Sensitised, flaky skin is an occupational hazard of my career and it reared its ugly head again a couple of weeks ago after a chemical peel I was testing. Normally I’m hesitant to try anything new when it’s in this state, but after canvassing the ingredients in the Elizabeth Arden Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Capsules I felt pretty confident I wouldn’t have a reaction. Not only did my skin not freak out, the capsules seemed to actually speed up the healing process. Within a day all the flakes had abated and my skin was feeling comfortable enough to wear makeup. I continued with my trial for the month and grew very fond of my little capsules. These are the fourth addition to the Elizabeth Arden capsule range and I’ve enjoyed using the OG Ceramide version and Vitamin C capsules that also recently launched. I love the fact that the single serve dose contains just the right amount of product, and no oxygen can get in. They remain fresh and the ingredients potent until you twist the top off and apply. Hyaluronic acid is a skincare superstar for its ability to draw water to the skin. In the capsules it’s paired with ceramides – another hydration hero – that help to lock that moisture into the skin and keep it there. (Clearly why my flake-situation was sorted so quickly.) Over the following weeks I noticed my skin was plumper and dewier than normal and I often find I can skip the serum step completely – the capsules can double as a serum and makeup primer when I’m rushing to get ready in the morning. Always a major win.

Tess de Vivie de Régie, Features Editor

I’ve got the sort of sensitive skin that requires a cocktail of serums, oils, and heavy creams post-cleansing to feel remotely comfortable. While I don’t personally mind this lengthy routine that my skin requires (I am a beauty obsessive, after all, and enjoy the ritual of it), it’s pretty clear that my skin was not in the best shape it could be. More specifically, my skin barrier – the vitally important outermost layer that protects from irritants – was compromised, which had led to my very demanding complexion and time-consuming regimen. So I was pleasantly surprised when I used the new Elizabeth Arden Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Capsules: after applying, my skin felt nourished and plumped, and honestly like I could finish off my skincare routine there – they’re *that* good. I put it down to the ceramide-rich formula (the lipids that help keep the skin barrier intact), as well as the clever formulation of hyaluronic acid, where variously sized molecules can hydrate the different levels of the skin for maximum glow. I’ve noticed that my skin feels – and looks – markedly better all day long, and those pesky late-afternoon dehydration lines have no longer been making their (unwelcome) appearance.

Zoe Briggs, Features Writer

In an effort to finally take control of my adult acne and rosacea, I am doing the unthinkable for someone working in beauty and, under my dermatologist’s strict instructions, agreeing not to test any new products for six entire months. So when the opportunity came up to join our team’s trial of the newest addition to Elizabeth Arden’s beloved ceramide capsule range, I dreaded having to say no. You can imagine my joy, then, when a quick glance at the ingredients list revealed key players that I already knew my derm approved of (basically, big ticks for anything hydrating and the biggest tick of all for ceramides). I figured if I could sneak one banned product back into my bathroom, this should be it.

Using one capsule each night after cleansing and applying my prescription retinoid has been an ideal addition to my routine. I happily got into the habit of waiting 10 to 20 minutes after applying my retinoid to twist one of the capsules open and pat the serum gently over my face (including my very sensitive eye area), neck, and chest. Over my four weeks of once or twice daily use, the facial redness I had come to think of as innate has lessened noticeably, and instead of waking up with parched skin – largely in part to my ceiling fan obsession, I’m sure – I even wake up with a glow. If my derm does ever find out I’m using these capsules, I honestly don’t think she could possibly be mad at my adding in a product that takes such good care of my delicate, needy skin.

Marina Gainulina, Beauty Writer

The team at Beauticate are truly #blessed to have jobs as human guinea pigs, ready to test the latest offerings the beauty world bestows upon us. Full disclosure, putting my temperamental (same, girl) skin through so much change and experimentation, fun as it may be, sometimes results in flare outs, therefore I’m very selective about what goes on my visage. Cautiously optimistic, having known and loved the Elizabeth Arden brand for many years, I made room for the Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Capsules in my (already rather extensive) morning routine, and boy am I glad I did.

After cleansing and applying a vitamin C serum, waiting two minutes until it absorbs, I then followed with one capsule (of which the allocated dosage is just the right amount for the face, neck, and oft forgotten décolletage), followed by moisturiser and sunscreen. To my delight, even on the days I opted for a full face, it sat lovely under primer and foundation. HA is known for being an essential skin hero and moisture magnet, and that’s exactly what it did, leaving my face more hydrated and plump. What really sealed the deal for me though was when others started noticing the improvements, too – I got a compliment on how good my skin was prior to a workout class, sans makeup, and again when I went in for a facial. Winner! From their ease of use and effectiveness, to how chic they look on my vanity, the HA capsules have earned a permanent spot in my skincare stash.

In collaboration with Elizabeth Arden. 

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