It’s the miracle skincare ingredient that seems to tackle it all – fine lines, dullness and acne, but does it live up to the hype? We rounded up five Beauticaters and put them on a strict eight-week program on one of the most potent vitamin As we know – Ultraceuticals’ newly relaunched Ultra A Skin Perfecting Range (which comes in three strengths) along with a few salon strength A-Zyme treatments thrown in to really amp up the results. Here’s how they went…



“Being a busy mum of three, I’ve always been a face wash and moisturiser girl, however with the aging process in full swing I embraced the opportunity to try Ultra A. I suffer from fine lines, redness, large pores and the occasional breakout and have never viewed myself as having great skin.  My trial began with an A-Zyme Peel at Vaia Beauty – which involved a thick honey-like substance which tingled slightly on my skin. I had some peeling that lasted about four days, leading my 12 year old son to exclaim, ‘Mummy you have a new nose!’ After the peeling had finished I was able to use the serums. I worked my way up to the Serum Concentrate gradually. It has a velvet-like texture and didn’t leave my skin feeling oily, but hydrated, and not tight like it normally feels in the winter months.

VERDICT: My skin has never been better. I’m able to wear less makeup and am getting lots of lovely compliments from friends on how great my skin looks.  I will continue to use this fabulous miracle treatment. My skin is brighter, my pores are smaller and there is a very visible difference in my skin tone and texture.”



“Although I’d heard about Vitamin A and its miracle-working ability to revive skin, it had always sounded faintly frightening, with lots of warnings and instructions for what not to do. Given this, I expected my first application of Ultra A Skin Perfecting Serum Mild to be far more dramatic than it was. It has a beautiful texture that really sinks into the skin quickly without leaving it feeling dry or irritated. I found myself looking forward to applying it partly because of how much I loved the light citrus scent. My A-Zyme peel at La Belle Peau was quick and easy. I had some skin flaking, but nothing that couldn’t be managed. Three days later my skin was smoother, my pores were and fine lines on my forehead were less noticeable. I had two more A-Zyme Peel treatments and continue to use Ultra A Concentrate.

VERDICT: I can genuinely say that there is a difference in the health and condition of my skin. It’s been a gradual process, but my skin texture and hydration has improved, my complexion is less blotchy and while pigmentation is still there, it’s far less noticeable.  The addition of vitamin A to my skincare routine has  proven my initial fears wrong – over weeks of use, it has gradually returned the elusive ‘glow’ I was missing.”



“After finishing breastfeeding my skin was dull, dehydrated and in need of a wakeup-call. I started with the mild serum and when I booked in for my A-Zyme facial at Brisbane’s Outshine my clinician guided me as to when my skin would be ready to step up to the stronger formulation. It glides on without stinging or burning. If anything, there was occasional redness when upping the potency, but it was mild and temporary (by the second or third night of application my skin was accustomed to it).  A little bit (pea-sized amount) goes a long way (and of course, saves you money). The real results came when pairing the product with the A-Zyme facials. My skin did undergo some minor “purging” (beauty therapist lingo for flushing out the bad stuff and letting the product do its job) but teamed with facials, my skin continued to get better and brighter as the weeks went on.

VERDICT: The best bit was that I could see results from my skin images that my clinic took for me on the Visia machine.  At the end of the trial period my skin was smooth, more luminous and I had a more hydrated, even base for my make-up.  The Ultra A is heaven sent and is now a staple in my beauty regime.”



“I’ve never been obsessed with my looks, but the freckles I used to love when I was younger and the fine lines creeping around my eyes and lips have become my primary focus when I look in the mirror.  I’ve been reading so much about Vitamin A and when I discovered that Ultraceuticals, a skincare company for which I have a lot of respect, had come up a new formula, I was excited to give it a go. I fronted up to Total Face Group in Glebe for my A-Zyme treatments and my therapist Nikisa took some photographs of my skin with the VISIA machine then spread the cold, miso-smelling Vitamin A Concentrate over my skin and let it rest.  After 5 minutes, she worked the product into my skin with an electromagnetic device. While the A-Zyme treatment was pain-free, I experienced some redness and peeling throughout the following week.  My face felt like it belonged to a lizard.  All my co-workers just thought I had mild sunburn, so it wasn’t that big a deal. As the weeks progressed I worked my way through the three serums.

VERDICT: While I’m not yet looking 22, the VISIA did tell me my pigmentation had reduced by 5%, and even my brutally honest boyfriend, never one to frivolously compliment, keeps telling me how great and clear my skin looks.



“At 33, my skin is normally pretty dry, and I still get breakouts from time to time. Over the last few years I have started to worry about fine lines, which I suspect aren’t helped by the dryness – my skin seems to need a constant supply of moisture. I started off using the mild serum, and have worked my way up over the past two months. The best thing about the serum is how easy it is; one application at night, and other than that, carry on with my normal skin care routine. For someone who has a busy life, this is exactly what I need.After my A-Zyme peel at Glow Medispa, Cammeray, my skin was the best it has ever been. Aside from the luxury of a beautiful treatment, the week after my peel, once my skin had stopped peeling, is the first time in my life that I have ever felt comfortable not wearing makeup.

VERDICT: Having the confidence to wear no makeup knowing that my skin looked great, was amazing. My skin also feels fantastic, which is a wonder, because I spent my time doing this trial eating and drinking my way around Europe. I have also noticed that the skin around my eyes is smoother, with the fine lines less noticeable. I will definitely keep using the Ultraceuticals serum, it’s the perfect, easy way for me to maintain my skin and minimise signs of ageing.”


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