Getting your products into the hands of an A-list celebrity is a dream come true for any brand owner. For Rina Timpano, director and formulator of Australian skincare brand Rinascentia, that’s just what happened earlier this year, when her products were selected for inclusion in the extravagant gift bags presented to the top 25 Oscar nominees for acting and directing. Rina, who began creating products in the ‘80s for herself and her kids before embarking on helping others with their skin on a larger scale, spoke with us about why celebrities and ‘normies’ have the same skin goals, her top tips for getting that red carpet glow (even in your own bathroom), and skincare lessons learned from her beloved mother and Nonna that she uses to this day.

And the (skincare) Oscar goes to…

“For this year’s Oscars ceremony, our products were included in the gift bags given to the top nominees. Being able to share our products with some of Hollywood’s elite is a dream.

Rinascentia is based in my Italian roots – we follow the ‘less is more’ way of thinking, combining natural ingredients with the latest technology. I want anyone who uses our products to feel instantly soothed, beautiful, and glamorous. We have always promoted self-expression and ageless beauty, which is far from the typical beauty industry standards and I think resonates deeply with people, whether or not they’re a celebrity. Being involved in the Oscars is a huge opportunity for us to break into the US market.

When it came to selecting which products to include in the Oscars gift bags, we decided to go with our best-seller, the Divine Oleum Face Oil. It goes hand in hand with our Copper Gua Sha and Bamboo Face Towel, which we have combined into a set. Our Divine Oleum is the perfect staple product for an excellent skincare regime, as it is packed full of essential fatty acids which are the building blocks of healthy cell membranes. It leaves your skin smooth and radiant, and gives that Hollywood glow!”

Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh,
one of the celebrities who took home Rinascentia products this year
Image: Instagram @michelleyeoh_official

How to get that Hollywood glow at home

“Celebrities have the same skin concerns as the rest of us. The only difference is that most celebrities make their skin maintenance a priority, so they become known for their flawless skin. Being in the limelight, they are the face of their own brand, so it makes sense how important an asset having ‘perfect’ skin is to them. Of course, they also have access to a large number of resources from surgery, intensive laser treatments, and injectables, to help maintain their flawlessness.

Even if you don’t have the time and other resources to devote to your skin that a celebrity might, you can still get great skin at home. The goal is to get your skin into its best shape so that it’s always glowing, with or without makeup. The best way to start is to choose the right products. It is important to be aware of your skin type and the way skin fluctuates (depending on things like the season and stress levels), and use products designed to solve any problems your skin is facing. You always want to protect your skin. The biggest enemy of flawless skin is environmental factors such as the sun, our diets, and the general elements that we expose our skin to.

I recommend using our Divine Oleum oil and our Gua Sha regularly to help promote blood circulation and improve fine lines and wrinkles. It is also amazing for lymphatic drainage and helps relieve tension from the muscles in your face.

My best last minute tip for getting that red carpet look in your own life is to dab a little of our Divine Oleum over your makeup, for an instant glow. It is the perfect way to enhance your look for a big event.”

Image: Instagram @rinascentia

How to get your best skin at every age

“When we talk about ageless beauty, to me that means looking your best at any age. My mum was a great example. At 82 her skin looked so healthy, she had no deep wrinkles, and she had a natural glow. She taught me to look after my skin at an early age, as she had done. She used to make me put moisturiser on my very dry skin before going to primary school, especially during the colder months. You are never too young to start good habits in looking after your skin. Caring for your skin and protecting and strengthening it will help prevent the negatives of the aging process. Of course, we can’t stop that process, but some maintenance, love and care now means your future self will thank you. Even if you decide to go down the road of injectables or surgery one day, they can’t fix everything – you still need to look after the integrity of the skin with good skincare.”

Rina Timpano
Image: Instagram @rinascentia

How to not take care of your skin

“The main skincare mistakes we see today are people overwashing their face, or conversely going to bed with makeup on, not using SPF to protect their skin from the sun, and touching their face consistently. These mistakes can cause your skin to break out and look dull and dry. It is so important to take care of your skin and do what is best for your skin type.”

How – and why – to hydrate

“The most important ingredients to use at any age are those which deeply hydrate the skin. It doesn’t matter how much water you drink, it doesn’t get into the skin, so you need to rehydrate topically.

Some key ways to hydrate topically are with hyaluronic acid and bio-fermented sea kelp, both of which have are used by some of the world’s most expensive brands in their skin creams. I love the way the sea kelp feels on my skin. As soon as I apply it, I can feel its thirst-quenching and soothing benefits, and love how it makes my skin feel calm, cool, and plump. Because it is a probiotic, it benefits all skin types, and being bioavailable means that its hydrating benefits can be easily absorbed deeper into the skin.

My other hydration love is Antarcticine, which is a glycoprotein that can withstand extreme heat and cold. It is a ‘good’ strain of bacteria found near the icy cold King Georges Island in Antarctica. Its function in nature is to protect against harsh temperatures, to hydrate and to retain water.

All skin types can benefit from Antarcticine, especially sensitive skin prone to redness and irritation. Especially as the seasons change, this ingredient is a must in my beauty cabinet as it protects the skin barrier during temperature fluctuations.”

And Rina’s Oscar goes to…

“As we are about to start experiencing cooler weather here in Australia, it’s the perfect time to indulge in my favourite products from our range. In addition to our Divine Oleum Face Oil, you can focus on rehydration with our Plain Jane Intensive Hydrating Serum. It contains biofermented lactobacillus sea kelp, as well as Bulgarian rose water and Rose Otto essential oil to bring next-level hydration. The natural aquatic and rose fragrances of these ingredients lets you experience a sensory moment while you restore thirsty skin to its plump and dewy self.

Our Silk Skin Face Moisturiser is a luxurious high-performance moisturiser with the benefits of silk amino acids and peptides, which have been shown to strengthen skin and help repair damage. Vitamin E and panthenol vitamin B5 help work to heal the skin, while hyaluronic acid helps to keep skin supple and smoothe out fine lines.”

Rina’s mother

Forget Hollywood… how to get the Italian glow

“Once you have cleansed, always apply your serums and creams to damp skin so that the products can penetrate better.

I have a couple of my own little rituals I always follow, too. In the mornings I like to splash cold water on my face and neck for about 30 seconds (yes, even in winter!). It helps to stimulate the vagus nerve, increases blood flow, and reduce puffiness.

I also use a face washer twice a day when cleansing, which I was taught to do by both my mum and grandmother. It helps to stimulate circulation, releases dead skin, and leaves your skin feeling smooth and glowing. Our bamboo face washer won’t drag, stretch or strip your skin, and is odour-resistant and antibacterial.

Finally, always keep your skin hydrated and don’t be afraid of good face oils that are suitable for your skin type. It’s the best way to give your skin that glow.”

Story by Zoe Briggs. Header image by 邱 严 via Unsplash. Other imagery via Instagram @rinascentia.

This article was created in partnership with Rinascentia.

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