Waking up with a puffy, bloated face – nobody needs that. Although what if we told you, there were a few simple things you could do to get rid of it for good, because there are! We sat down with Richie Angelo, facialist at renowned Melbourne salon MADE by SELF to teach us how.


There are many causes of a puffy or bloated face although poor circulation and toxic build up from a poor diet (especially one high in salt, processed foods and alcohol) are often to blame, Richie tells us. Medical conditions such as sinusitis can also be culprits for puffy eyes however, if you don’t suffer from any of these perhaps we should be focusing on what we eat.


“Making adjustments to your lifestyle and diet are key to reducing a bloated face. Make sure you’re eating lots of fresh high water content foods and of course, reducing your salt and alcohol intake too.”

“Drinking more water will help flush out toxins and discourage any fluid retention that is leading to a puffy/bloated face in the first place.”

How can we deal when we wake up looking puffy, bloated and worse for wear – whether it’s our own fault or not? Richie says attacking it first thing in the morning is key.

“Drink a cup of hot water and lemon as soon as you wake up. This will help kick start and aid in your body’s natural detoxification process. Applying a cool, damp compress over your face and leaving it for 10 minutes or so will also work. The colder the compress the better so use ice water.”



Most importantly though, facial massage with your serum or moisturiser will save your day – and your face!

“I love a good, firm facial massage, especially one focusing on toning and lymphatic drainage,” Richie tell us. “It can do wonders for decongesting and reducing a puffy face.”


“Lymphatic drainage massage manually aids detoxification on your face by draining toxins to your lymph nodes and is a technique that increases circulation and lymph flow, which aids in your skin/face flushing out toxins and fluid build-up too.”



Although with very limited time today, is it even possible to do a simple lymphatic facial massage on our own? Richie says it is. All you need is a good serum or face moisturiser and to follow her easy three steps outlined below:


Starting both hands between your eyebrows, push hands to the hairline and slide down to the ears (lymph nodes are here). Repeat the step, so that you have drained top, middle and bottom of forehead and on brow bones.



Now under the eyes. Start from inner corner of the eyes and slide hands towards the ears. Repeat the step, covering cheeks, mouth and chin. Always middle and out.



Last step is the neck, massage up neck and under the jaw towards chin. Then from chin, sweep both hands towards the ears.

Richie adds that giving your face a good, firm massage might also work better if you invest in a jade or rose quartz facial roller as well. Mainly because they can be used cold to increase the circulation (if you put them in the fridge or freezer) and can really work to massage deeply and release muscle tension when your face is super puffy and bloated to deal with.

“Also investing in skin firming products like the NIOD Myrrh Claycan be an absolute godsend “ she adds.

“And you can never beat an expert facial massage every couple of weeks, because there’s nothing better than getting that after massage glow…and walking out with cheekbones!”


Jade Facial Massage Roller – $33.00

The number one tool you need to magically de-puff your face. Pop it in the freezer and use it first thing in the morning to help your serums sink into your skin.

Peter Thomas Roth Hyaluronic Acid Cloud Serum – $89.00

A powerfully hydrating serum that will help your skin stay hydrated and plump from the inside while you massage and work on it from the outside.

East meets west/GUA SHA Facial – $205/90 mins

Work it, stretch it, get that blood flowing… but for your Face.  Combining the power of ancient Chinese medicine massage technique – Gua Sha with western skincare savviness. This is a facial massage that will give your face a massive shake up, get your blood flowing and help de-bloat your face.

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