The scorched season is almost over, and while sneaky cabana naps and balmy night swims are still (just) in our sights, so too is chlorine, sea salt and sunrays; all stripping our skin of its lustre. If you’re finding your normal skincare repertoire is struggling to keep up with summer’s elements, you’re not alone. Sydney Beauticater, Katrine Pascoe, is a busy mum and no stranger to feeling a slave to summer’s skin damaging ways. She worked her way through the best restorative and rejuvenating at-home face masques that work hard to fix the sins of summer and return our skin to its glowy goodness.


“This mask definitely harks back to all the things I loved about the first mask I used as a teenager: noticeable results and is easy to use. The thick, rich texture is fast drying and sticks to the skin, keeping with face mask tradition for application; no new bells and whistles in the method. Instead, it leaves its innovation to the formula, and the results show. My skin felt soft, smooth and, I swear, beaming. The next morning my skin looked almost reborn. Needless to say, I will be using this one often.”


Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask

“What a sensory delight it was to apply this rich and sweet-smelling cream to my tired lack-lustre skin. This product is super-gentle; no tingles or irritation upon application. But, there must be grains of genius in this cream because the result was action-packed. The fine lines around my eyes were diminished, my skin was plump and pigmentation was less noticeable. The next morning I said hello to my twenty-something complexion. This will be my go-to when the weather leaves me looking weary.”

“You know the part after your facialist examines your skin under a white light and says, “We’ll start with a really thorough exfoliation” and you know your dead skin-cells are staring at her with dull determination? Well, as I discovered, you can fix that awkward exchange with some in-between at-home facials using Regenerist Advanced Revitalising Thermal Mini-Peel Treatment. This super quick beauty saviour only takes one or two minutes to apply and re-activates with a lovely warming sensation that works wonders.  My skin was radiant, invigorated and as smooth as my two-year-old’s cherub cheeks.”


SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

“I was most excited about trialling this mask due to its cult product status, and it did not disappoint.  You apply the sheet to your face (complete with eye and mouth holes that look a bit scary, but worth it for the result) that is drenched in pitera (SK-II’s miracle signature ingredient).  My skin was left gorgeously dewy and radiant, no illuminator required. It’s perfect to use before an event when you want to look particularly glowy and youthful.”

“It can be really difficult to pinpoint my skin ‘type’ – I have an oily t-zone, dry patches, redness here and tightness there. So, what I really crave in a product result is consistency. This little beauty achieves just that – smooth, consistently creamy and clean skin.  My face felt like velvet, I couldn’t stop touching it. The next morning, I went about my normal makeup application routine but noticed one delightful difference: my complexion was so clear there was no need to apply foundation.”


Dr. Jart Soothing Hydra Solution

“Not enough drinking of water and too much sun are common skin sins we all fall guilty to in warmer months. But, thanks to this replenishing mask, hydrated skin is only 15 minutes away.  The moisture-burst left my thirsty skin rejoicing and the botanical ingredients have a calming and relaxing effect.  A must for summer skin saving.”


Société Rejuvenating Peptide Gel Mask

“When we feel stressed the skin on our face can bear the brunt of our anguish.  I was having ‘one of those weeks’ when I tried this mask, making it the prelude to a well-needed night of rest and relaxation (bubble bath and burning scented soy candles to set the scene). After following application steps I sank into the tub and noticed my skin already had that fresh, nourished, clear and calm feeling I’d been hoping for. My skin felt entirely rejuvenated, ready to face another busy week ahead.”

Review by Katrine Pascoe.

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