Using body wash is an (at least) once a day ritual so, suffice to say, your skin has a lot riding on the kind of wash you choose. However, with overwhelming choice on supermarket and chemist shelves it can become more of a ‘close your eyes, reach out and grab the closest one’ kind of experience. Of course, a good body wash must dissolve grime, be non-drying and be kind of a joy to use – body cleansing should be luxurious, not arduous, after all. So, do you go a gel or crème? Sudsy lather or oil-base? Sydney-based Beauticater, and dedicated advocate for a long-luxurious shower, Willa Zheng, has saved you from ever enduring a blind-grab product again by rounding up the best body washes in the beauty biz.



Weleda Almond Sensitive Skin Body Wash


“This body wash reminds me just how harsh previous body washes have been on my skin. It is a pH-balanced, soap-free body wash that glides over your skin like a light hydrating body lotion, and gently cleanses your body without stripping it of essential lipids (natural oils).  Skin is as smooth and supple as before I stepped into the shower – none of that ‘tight’ feeling that comes when my skin is drying out. With a delicious light almond scent, you’ll probably want to use this non-drying body wash every day, and it can be used on your face too (it also doesn’t sting your eyes).  I can’t recommend this body wash highly enough for suffers of eczema or other dehydrated-skin conditions.  However, it’s best suited for normal daily washing – not if you’ve had a particularly grimy day and need a more intense body cleanse.”


Elemis British Botanical Shower Cream

“Cleansing with Elemis’ British Botanical Shower Cream every evening is like partaking in a luxury, aromatherapy day-spa experience. The potent aroma of lavender (relaxing), chamomile (soothing), geranium (uplifting), rosemary and palmarosa melted away my day’s stresses and lingered on my skin for hours.  This creamy body wash is non-lathering but it spread evenly on my damp skin and a little went a long way.  I found that I still needed to follow this body wash with a good quality body moisturiser.”


This Works Energy Bank Shower Gel

“As a fan of foaming washes, it’s hard to find a good sulphate-free body wash that can lift dirt and produce a satisfying, creamy lather. Thus, my discovery of This Works Energy Bank Shower Gel was like stumbling upon a holy grail.  As a bonus to its nourishing formulation, this shower gel (which can also be used for a foam bath) is infused with essential oils like geranium, ylang ylang and rosemary – delivering us a similar aromatherapy experience as the Elemis British Botanical Shower Cream.  However, compared to Elemis the fragrance of This Works Energy Bank is more floral and sensual.  This gel won’t replace your cup of caffeine in the morning, but it will definitely lift your mood.”


Sukin Botanical Body Wash

“Organic skincare products normally cost an arm and a leg so it’s good to see an Aussie company making botanical products at a lower price point.  Sukin Botanical Body Wash is a mild, sulphate and paraben-free body cleanser that coats your skin in a blend of jojoba, avocado and rosehip oils, leaving it feeling smooth and soft after rinsing.   If you have normal skin, you can even get away with not using a body moisturiser afterwards every other day of use. Also, the light fragrance evokes a citrus-mandarin oils and vanilla essence. This body wash doesn’t lather easily so it’s best used in conjunction with a loofa to feel like you’ve had a more thorough cleanse.”

“Soap and Glory’s Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel is a high-achieving body wash that’s also a rinse-off body lotion.  It has a strong, lingering fragrance that’s reminiscent of Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle fragrance (a floral-oriental with sweet mandarin, rose and patchouli notes).  This creamy, scented shower gel lathers easily, and leaves my skin noticeably clean, soft and moisturised.  It’s the long-sought answer for those that are too lazy (or time-poor) to use a separate body moisturiser.”

Review by Willa Zheng

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