You might have noticed a new skincare range cropping up on social media recently, and, if we’re honest, we’re predicting it’s going to be big. The Secret, brainchild of Perth-based entrepreneurs Dr Clara Hurst and Dr Deb Cohen-Jones, is Australia’s first prescription-only skincare range, which launched in 2018 and was quickly snapped up by in-the-know skincare junkies thanks to rave word of mouth reviews. Here, we chat everything you need to know about the line that’s got the beauty world talking.

Why all the hype?

What’s got us excited is the highly personalised nature of the range: the products are custom-made for each patient, to address their particular skin issues, from pigmentation, to acne and ageing. Ingredients like tretinoin and hydroquinone, which usually require a doctor’s script, are combined with medical grade active ingredients, making for a combination unlike anything currently available on the Australian market.

And the result are pretty impressive, as their astonishing before and after photos and breathless customer reviews can attest to. Dr Clara and Dr Deb have also been known to have customers stop them in the streets to rave about their results.

Image: Instagram @the_secret_skincare

“We realised we had both been prescribing similar products to our patients. Mine were similar to The Secret but never produced by me, so the results were always varied as they came from various chemists,” shares Dr Deb. “Clara had been prescribing the same ingredients for over ten years with fantastic results but with a more complex multi-step process costing five times our current price.

“We knew straight away we needed to join forces to create the perfect range for maximum results. As a General Practitioner, I see a lot of patients whose confidence and self-esteem suffer greatly due to poor skin health, so we really wanted to help people achieve the skin of their dreams without spending a fortune on complex regimes.

Image: Instagram @the_secret_skincare

“The results we are seeing are simply amazing. I’ve had patients who have struggled to find results for some very challenging cosmetic complaints for years and are simply blown away by how The Secret has changed their skin and their life.”

Sigourney herself has pretty high expectations about the range: “I had a consultation with the wonderful doctors last week and I’m SO excited by this brand,” she says. “To my knowledge, it’s the first time that prescription only ingredients of this nature have been formulated into customised skincare. We’re talking ingredients that are so potent the doctors themselves can’t say what they are because that would be seen as advertising a drug. (Any ingredient that makes therapeutic claims and requires a prescription is classed as a drug and must not be advertised according to the Therapeutic Goods Association.) I’ll do a post about it on Instagram so you can find out what’s in my prescription, but suffice to say, they are super strength actives that will seriously change your skin. Stay tuned as we have more info about this fab brand coming soon to the site…”

What’s in the products?

The Secret’s products are based around the duo’s patented base, to which they add medical grade ingredients to suit each customer’s needs. The current line-up consists of 11 products, all of which are free of parabens, sulphates, and fragrance, with more additions to the line on the horizon.

Image: Instagram @the_secret_skincare

Where can you get it?

Due to the personalised nature of the range, The Secret’s products are available only after consultation to ensure the ideal product is prescribed. You do an online questionnaire, which is then assessed by medical professionals to select the best products for you and spot red flags. The team then get in touch, and once you order, your customised product is freshly compounded just for you.

Alongside their online store, they very recently launched at Sydney’s All Saints Clinic, a go-to for the city’s social set (it’s regularly listed as a favourite in our WHO profiles).

The clinic’s founder, Dr Joseph Hkeik, shared: “I’ve only been using The Secret for a few weeks but the results I am seeing are simply amazing. I’m excited to partner with these two incredible women and work with my existing clients and show them how The Secret will change their skin and life.”

Story by Tess de Vivie de Régie. Feature image from @laisribeiro

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