You will have heard me talking about how important vitamin serums are in skincare – it was one of the reasons I decided to collaborate with Alpha-H on the launch of their new Vitamin Profiling Collection. To help launch their product, I recently had the pleasure of hosting the media event at The Ivy Penthouse in Sydney.  One point that really hit home for me that day was the importance of Vitamin B. It’s the less famous of the vitamins (C gets top billing for its ability to help with radiance and A is amazing for anti ageing) but B is basically an all-round superstar.

To really deep dive on the importance of these vitamins, we held a panel discussion with Alpha-H founder, Michelle Doherty, Education and Training Manager, Megan Horn and Vogue Cosmetic Editor at Large Ricky Allen. To say these three women know skin is an understatement. And one fact that I made a mental note to share with you is that if you don’t already own a Vitamin B serum, you need one STAT. Here are the tips I stored away, and if they don’t convince you to add B to your arsenal I don’t know what will.


1. Vitamin B builds moisture and maintains your skin’s barrier.

After UV protection, hydration is numero uno when it comes to skincare goals. And with the cooler weather approaching, it’s one of our chief concerns. Vitamin B or Niacinamide is known for its ability to help protect the skin’s all-important barrier – which is responsible for maintaining moisture in the skin.

 images from the campaign shoot decorated the room images from the campaign shoot decorated the room   the key to happy skin is working out what vitamins it needs the key to happy skin is working out what vitamins it needs

2. It’s like Berocca for your skin

Need to get back your B-B-Bounce? “When you feel like a Berocca, Vitamin B serum is going to be needed on that morning,” explained Michelle. “It’s really about how you feel, because chances are your skin is going to feel the same way. “This” she says, gesturing to her face. “is the interface of how we feel and look every day and when we target that with Vitamin B it will protect your skin from stress, lack of sleep and hormonal changes.”


3. You can’t take it orally, you need to use it topically

Think you can just pop a pill? Sorry. Only 1 % of ingested vitamins actually reach the skin, so to help it reach your face, you need to use it in serum form. And regularly. Like Vitamin C, Niacinamide is not fat soluble so can’t be stored in the body. Which means you need to replace it. Regularly. Like, daily.

 lunch was made up of skin-loving veg and proteins lunch was made up of skin-loving veg and proteins   in instagram-worthy moment over lunch in instagram-worthy moment over lunch

4. It helps with pigmentation…

Niacinamide has also been clinically proven to lighten pigmentation. It does this by stopping the transfer of melanin to the skin cells, reducing uneven pigmentation and age spots. So using it in the morning is a great idea.


4.  And ageing.

We all know ageing is caused by free radicals attacking the cells. Niacinamide enhances two vital coenzymes in the skin that help neutralise those free radicals, which, in turn, has an antioxidant effect, increasing cell communication and preventing further damage.

 capturing the nutritious fare capturing the nutritious fare   sigourney and michelle doherty, Alpha-H founder sigourney and michelle doherty, Alpha-H founder

5. Oh, and acne, too.

What can’t it do? A study in the International Journal of Dermatology tested 76 patients suffering from acne, over an eight-week period with a 4% Niacinamide gel against 1% Clindamycine (a popular topical antibiotic prescribed by doctors for acne) The results showed that the acne in 82% of patients treated with Niacinamide improved as opposed to an improvement of 62% of the Clindamycin treated group.


The easiest way to use it? I use it in every morning after cleansing (or just rinsing my face in the shower) and I follow it with sunscreen; I feel confident that I’m giving my skin the best protection against the elements as well as keeping it hydrated and fending off the fine lines.

And as we sat down to a beautiful lunch that day after our panel discussion on the balcony at The Ivy Penthouse, I felt safe that my skin was being well looked after. The Vitamin B I’d smoothed on that morning was working its magic, and my complexion felt hydrated and happy well into the afternoon.

Want to know your vitamin profile? Discover it on the Alpha-H website using their Vitamin Profiling Wheel.

 michelle and guest michelle deep in discussion michelle and guest michelle deep in discussion

Story by Sigourney Cantelo. In Association with Alpha-H.

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  1. April 24, 2017

    I had no idea you shouldn’t take vitamin B orally – I thought I was so ahead of the game taking my vitamins everyday, thank you for the info!!

  2. April 24, 2017

    Jeez is there anything vitamin B can’t do? Purchasing this ASAP

  3. May 4, 2017

    If you want to use vitamin C, A and now B how do you integrate all in a routine? I currently alternate days of using C and A.