First it was coffee scrubs, then coconut oil, followed by tattooed beauty. What’s next for cult beauty trends? Clay face masks. Though clay has been around for centuries, clay masks have currently skyrocketed in popularity due to their potent effects on detoxifying and healing the skin. When Cheryl Ross (the fabulous skincare formulator) collaborated with new skincare brand, Minenssey, to exclusively formulate a line of clay masks, she chose Australian clay, botanicals and native extracts as the main ingredients. Australian clays are considered to be pure as our pollution levels are relatively low, so their popularity over the world has increased, Cheryl explains. Why should you choose clay masks for your next at-home Spa session? Here are a few reasons…



1. Choices, choices, choices

Consider clay masks as the choose-your-own-adventure book of beauty treatments. Though there are different types of clay, the most popular and diverse, Kaolin Clay, is found in different colours. Green Kaolin clay is very oil absorbing and works hard to draw out all impurities. Yellow Kaolin Clay does a similar detox service, but contains more iron and is a tad gentler. Red Kaolin Clay is used primarily in cleaning and healing (think healing sore blemishes and broken capillaries). White Kaolin Clay, the gentlest of all the colours, is used to calm the skin and is often used on dry or sensitive skin types. Finally, Pink Kaolin Clay (our favourite) is a mix of red and white clay. This combination cleanses, soothes and stimulates the skin. They’re also relatively safe to play with, “there is a big difference between clay masks and cream clay masks- not all clays are drying and made for oily skin types. All clays are considered to be hydrating, cleansing, healing and detoxifying at different levels”, says Cheryl.

2. Add Your Ingredients

Clay is a great neutral base to add other ingredients. As you’ll already be detoxifying and nourishing the skin, adding interesting ingredients, like the white flannel flower or moonstone, can upgrade your mask game. Next time your skin is looking a little dull try the Brightening Mask, as the moonstone “protects from pollution, intensely hydrates and creates the ultimate luminous complexion.”



3. Use a little, glow a lot

2018 is looking to be the year of mini everything. Before going out, pop a mini mask in your mini bag and enjoy the luxury of travel sized beauty treatments. Most clays are very potent, so you’ll only need about the size of a 50-cent piece. Already ahead of the trend, Cheryl told us, “we [also] designed the packaging so that it is convenient to pop a couple of pods in your handbag to maintain healthy skin while traveling”. Can you think of a better airplane mask?

4. Mix and Match Your Perfect Mask

Gone are the days of single use masks. Clays are perfect for mixing and matching. When using a facemask, Cheryl feels that “a good mask should get results immediately, and Minenssey’s four formulas deliver this for all skin types”.  To get these results, try using the deep cleaning mask in any oily areas and the Hydrating or brightening mask on any dry or dull areas.



5. Be A Natural

Natural products, though amazing for the skin, can present their own issues. Cheryl found “the properties of the ingredients can slightly change from harvest to harvest. It took me a long time to get the formulas for the masks exactly the way I wanted them, but I’m so proud with the final results”. It’s important to choose a brand that sources high quality ingredients from a good source. Next time, before you slather on a mask, check out what’s inside and see if the products can be properly absorbed by the skin. Try one of our favourites and you’ll be good to glow!

Story by Molly Gay. Photos by Minenssey.

In Association with Minenssey.

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