Every ten hours one Australian woman dies from Ovarian Cancer.

It’s a devastating statistic in this day and age, when we are able to beat many other forms of cancers provided we get to them fast enough to start treatment. Unfortunately, with ovarian cancer there is no early detection test and many women discover they’re living with the disease when it’s much too late. It’s a very sad truth that I saw first hand.

In 2003, my stepmother Libby’s mum fell victim to the disease. Jean was a dynamic, smart and strong woman and she was taken far too young. If there been an early detection test, Jean would have had a 90% chance of recovery.

This week sees the launch of the Witchery White Shirt Campaign, and I’m proud to be joining the ranks of supporters for this vital cause. Now in their fifteenth year of partnership with the foundation, Witchery has raised over $6.1 million dollars and widespread awareness for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCFR).

The campaign sees 100% of profits from the sale of white shirts at Witchery go to the OCFR– a hugely generous move and one that, I believe, shows a full commitment to the cause. It’s incredibly clever, too, because white shirts are true wardrobe chameleons. Ever versatile and perennially chic, you can change them up each season simply by the way you style them. There are so many to choose from (Witchery have produced nine on-trend styles this year), that it’s a no-brainer wardrobe addition and one that will give back in more ways than one.

Whether you’re drawn to a more masculine or minimal style or a softer, slouchier style, the styling options are endless – as are the possibilities with makeup. With the classic white masculine-style shirt I like to wear very minimal makeup: think see-through foundation, scraped back hair and just a little mascara and gloss. But there’s a grown up, more evening side to the white shirt, too.

Here I teamed the Pussy Bow shirt [right] with a smoky eye and tousled ponytail to show a more dressed up after-dark look.  The bow is a true statement and the organza fabric dresses it up to full soiree-worthy sophistication.

The Drape Front shirt [above] is another great option for the evening that looks great with tousled hair and smudgy, smoked up eyes. Just add leather pants and a hint of ‘I’m-with-the-band’ insouciance.

The white shirt is to fashion what foundation is to beauty: classic, customizable and endlessly buildable. And a white shirt that helps save lives? That’s a very beautiful thing indeed.

Photography by Daniel Gurton; Hair and makeup by Desiree Wise. Sponsored by Witchery

How do you style your white shirt?

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