While we all know the importance of skincare, we often apply our glorious potions and lotions to our faces and forget about body care once we’ve stepped out of the shower. The summer time is a great time to start incorporating some extra TLC to get you looking and feeling your best for the beach.  A little goes a long way when it comes to self care so investing some time each day can do wonders for your skin - from head to toe.

I always feel and look my best when I know I’ve taken a few extra steps to ensure my skin is looking its best everywhere. So, I’ve put together a list of some of the products that I’ve found success with in achieving radiant, nourished skin. Though this list may seem long, choosing one or two products or methods to add into your routine can really elevate the overall appearance of your skin. I certainly don’t use all of these products in one go. Consistency is key though - pick the ones you know you'll reach for.

Whether you are searching for a genuinely non-comedogenic body oil, the perfect pre-date shower gel or simply want to try out a butt mask (yes, you read correctly), read on for some of my current favourite body care products. 


While you may be familiar with Sol de Janeiro’s highly coveted Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, their 4Play Shower Cream is actually my favourite product from the brand. You’ve probably read about my eternal skin sensitivities here and know that I usually opt for my trusty DermaVeen Soap-free Body Wash when it comes to the shower. However, 4Play is one of the few smelly shower gels that doesn’t freak my skin out.

Like the delicious Bum Bum Cream, it has the same quintessential Sol de Janeiro pistachio and salted caramel scented formula. It not only leaves you smelling heavenly but is truly nourishing. The cream gel contains Cupuaçu butter with fatty acids that help keep your skin hydrated. Coconut and açai oils also lock in moisture and provide antioxidants for radiant, glowing skin.


I have always been a bit of a fanatic when it comes to exfoliation (find my DIY coffee scrub here).  As you can imagine I have acquired quite the inventory of polishes. However, the Fab First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub is my current must-have for the shower. Now, this is definitely not something I would recommend using daily as its made with pumice buffing beads. These are extremely effective in exfoliating the skin but do tend to feel harder on the skin when compared to sugar scrubs. What I love about this is that it feels like a proper skincare product. It contains glycolic and lactic acids to help smooth and resurface – I like to use this every other week to keep things extra soft. This stuff is actually designed to help minimise keratosis pilaris, which is essentially when the skin produces too much keratin. This can result in lots of small bumps, so if you looking for a solution, this may help.

If I want to use something more gentle and hydrating in the interim, I am usually reaching for the Clarins Tonic Sugar Polish. I like to think of this as the legendary Elizabeth Arden Original 8 Hour Skin Cream Protectant in sugar scrub form and it is divine. This fabulous product to prep for a special event, as it leaves the skin looking radiant and feeling velvet soft.


I don’t think up until this point I had ever used a body mask – certainly not one for my bottom. Which is silly when I think about it as we will happily slap a clay mask on our faces any day of the week. The Such Skincare Australian Green Clay Bum Mask is designed for tackling breakouts or folliculitis on your booty (hey, butt sweat can be real problem for some). Made with Australian green clay, eucalyptus, lemon myrtle and calendula, I love to use this as a general mask for the body. I especially like to apply it to areas that I feel need a good detox – this is awesome after a post-gym shower. It is also a powder that allows you to apply as sparingly or liberally as desired.


This has got to be one of the most fuss-free additions to my body care routine. It seems almost stupidly simple to apply a serum along with your body lotion. Honestly, I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to work into my routine. With niacinamide, citrus oils and collagen peptides, the Boscia Peptide Youth-Restore Firming Body Serum is a quick and easy step to deeply nourish the skin all over. I will be honest though, I didn’t find this product had the firming effect that it claims to. However, it definitely leaves my skin feeling more hydrated and radiant. It’s also hypoallergenic and fragrance free and doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky or tacky after application.


Thank the heavens for I have finally found a truly non-comedogenic oil that works for me. This is another beaut from Such Skincare. Their 100% Pure Australian Balance Oil is fabulous for soothing and hydrating the skin. I especially like to use this after I’ve gone in with an exfoliator. With vitamins A, D, E and essential Omegas, it’s a nutrient boost that works from the outside in. It contains jojoba & calendula oil which are great for reducing inflammation and redness – it settles into the skin really nicely too. Don’t worry, this won’t leave you walking around the house like a naked zombie until it dries. It can also be used as a facial oil if desired, though I have yet to experiment with using it this way.

Article & photography by Grace Parsons.

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