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Today, there are countless lotions, serums and treatments to prevent and remedy signs of ageing on our faces and bodies. At Beauticate, we are huge fans of these products, but are always open to natural and cost effective alternatives. Especially this one. You may have heard of it before? It’s an up-and-coming fix, and goes by the name ‘kindness’. Yes, you read right. According to studies, incorporating kindness into your life will slow signs of ageing in your skin.


The ageing process of the skin is complicated. However, a lot of it has to do with free radicals and inflammation. When we are kind or produce emotional warmth, Dr David Hamilton (author of The Five Side Effects of Kindness) wrote for Daily Mail, we also produce a hormone in our body called oxytocin, which reduces levels of free radicals and inflammation. So, the more oxytocin your body produce, the less likely your skin is to produce signs of ageing.

“Kindness can even slow the formation of wrinkles,” he writes. “Groups of unstable molecules called free radicals produce something called oxidative stress in the body, which causes nasty physiological reactions, including hardening of the arteries and memory loss. It also leads to visible signs of ageing.”


Of course, kindness alone won’t prevent signs of ageing, and signs of ageing cannot be completely prevented. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, kindness and positivity will lengthen the youth of your skin. More positivity in your life and less wrinkles? Sounds like a deal you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


Story by Samantha Blanchfield

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