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Two days ago, major cities around the world, including our own Sydney, lit up with the energy of millions of men and women with fierce determination, marching the streets to say a big YES to women’s rights (and the rights of minority groups) for the Women’s March because, 2017 guys and come on already.

As the dust settles on the Women’s March (but, of course, never on its plight), Beautiful Rights (a cosmetic brand who donates 20% of all sales – not profit – to organisations protecting and supporting women’s rights and gender justice) keeps the love alive by offering a 20% discount literally in the name of the event.

Using the apt code WOMENSMARCH will save some cash (well, sort of… It’s a US site in US$ so it will actually have you breaking even, so saving money bi-proxy), have you supporting causes that are about to hit some turbulent times, and give you a go at their lip shades, that are amazing.

Unfortunately these guys currently only send to the US (although their website indicates international shipping in the future), but you can get around this using the following middle-man agents: MyUS, Reship and Shopmate.

Story by Rikki Hodge-Smith

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