Seaweed is nutrient dense and a major source of minerals and beneficial polysaccharides. Poly what? Polysaccharides. They’re made up of complex carbs that play an important role in your body by storing energy from food. Making seaweed the latest to hit the superfood trail.

You can work seaweed into your soups, salads, or stir-fry, even mixing it in your smoothies with spirulina. We suggest using seaweed in its whole, natural form, but if that’s not your thing, there are dried products, powders, and tablets available as well. Seaweed has a surplus of iodine, which is hard to find in foods. Iodine is not produced by the body and it’s helpful for thyroid function, so lack of iodine can cause fatigue and a low metabolism.

If you’re nervous about downing the same thing you spent your childhood peeling off your legs at the beach, opt for subtle tasting kelp – it’s a great immune booster and detoxifier.

Just like any other health craze, don’t over-do it. Everything is good in moderation.


Story by Mariah Bovee

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