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We may have spent the last week ogling the Amazonianess of the Victoria Secret models after the show’s Paris filming on November 30. But, with the Australian free-to-air broadcast on tonight, we still have VS fever, especially when it comes to the one part we mere mortals feel we can emulate: the hair, our personal favourite. And, it’s all thanks to Sarah Potempa, celebrity hairstylist and brainchild the styling tool responsible for the winged models’ manes, Beachwaver Co. She gave us the lowdown on what it’s really like backstage at one of the most epic shows of the year.

Beauticate: How was it working at such an iconic show?

Sarah: It’s so incredible working at the Victoria Secret Shows. The models are some of the nicest, most hard working people I have ever met. It is a really big day for them as well and it’s an honour to work with them.

Beauticate: So no catty antics?

Sarah: There is so much excitement and positive energy backstage. Last year when I was styling Kendall Jenner’s hair we had about 30 photographers crowded around taking photos and videos. It’s all about the collaboration and so we are simultaneously talking to press about how to get the look as we are styling, which is really fun.

Beauticate: Women supporting and praising women, we love that.

Sarah: They work so hard to prepare for the show and are very dedicated which makes working with them so easy.

Beauticate: And, the hair, tell us about the hair…

Sarah: This year it was all about enhancing everyone’s natural beauty so we didn’t pick a specific part for the hair, we choose what part looked best for each face. The look embraced everyone’s individuality and personality. The waves are glossy, polished, tousled and all around gorgeous beach wave texture. The hair was piecey but not stringy. It’s all about being effortlessly sexy.

Beauticate: How did the Beachwaver idea come into fruition, with such success too.

Sarah: As a celebrity hairstylist, I am always trying new tools and especially ones that help women style their own hair. That is why I invented the Beachwaver. I not only use it on all my clients, I use it on myself. It cuts my styling time in half and creates the most gorgeous waves! The innovative dual rotation is controlled by the user and contains a digital temperature that you can adjust based on your hair type. It has automatic shut off and a ceramic rod with custom internal heaters that extend the entire length of the barrel, to create consistent heat.

You can catch the supermodel extravaganza at 8.30pm EST, 8th of December on Channel 9.


Interview by Stephanie Russo

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  1. December 14, 2016

    Such a cool interview, I’m always trying to embody those models’ hair styles

  2. December 14, 2016

    I can’t imagine trying to do someone’s hair backstage with 30 people surrounding you, I think I would just be so claustrophobic

  3. December 16, 2016

    It’s wonderful to hear that these women are actually down-to-earth and kind – love these behind-the-scenes articles!

  4. December 16, 2016

    Totally obsessed with the VS models’ beautiful curls.. Would love a tutorial video on how to achieve those waves!