If you’re going to step up from the hand cream you might throw in your trolley at the grocery store, there are plenty of indulgent options. Though not all of them offer Instagrammable packaging, a range of genuinely interesting scents and also pack a serious punch in the nourishment department. Here, our Byredo hand cream review, the downtown It girl of hand creams.



Utilitarian-chic in snow white with neat black type. Recyclable aluminium foil, making it eco-conscious as well as easy to access every last (precious) drop. On a pleasingly practical note, Byredo hand cream features a flat, screwcap lid, meaning no slippery fumbling to secure it after use.


As a perfume house, both the quality and range of scents reflected in Byredo hand creams is fairly unparalleled. Not being a hugely floral girl, I plump for Gypsy Water. The last is excellent, so much so that you wouldn’t want to choose a perfume that clashed with it. For this reason, my preferred way of applying it is as a last thing before bed treat. Though the Byredo hand cream is a gorgeous and useful daytime way to reinvigorate your scent, if you happen to be a Byredo fragrance wearer.


Forget any thought of silky lotions or lightweight gels. The formula relies on classic ingredients like glycerin for hydration and shea butter for that comforting, tea-and-slippers, cosseted feel. In fact, the inclusion of shea butter as the ingredient of the second highest percentage in the formula makes the Byredo hand cream very much a ‘proper cream’, though one that sinks in without too much effort and doesn’t leave you greasy.


This is a luxe purchase in every sense, and ticks the boxes of feel and fragrance as you would expect. A necessity it is not, but then that’s not the point at this end of the price bracket, is it? It certainly is a serious investment, so use sparingly and share warily. Irritatingly enough, I came to find that my hand cream-stealing husband loves it too. For this reason, rather like chocolate, I find it is best enjoyed alone. And voilà, our Byredo hand cream review – are you tempted yet?


Review by Zoe Briggs.

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