We don’t like to play favourites with our beauty products, but concealer almost always tops the desert-island essentials list. And for good reason. Since its invention in 1953 (when Max Factor was the first to launch a gorgeously rudimentary concealer stick called “Erace”), the skin-toned superhero has been many a starlets secret to looking flawless and blemish-free 24/7.

Where spot concealers need to be thicker so they don’t budge, under eye concealers need to be lighter and more blendable, yet opaque and light-reflecting at the same time. Brisbane-based Beauticater, Elyse Goyen, put eight products – both old classics and newer launches – through their paces, with some illuminating results.


YSL Touche Éclat


“When I read that Princess Kate was a fan of this cult favourite, I knew it was a beauty must try. And after just three clicks, it was obvious why this little gold pen has such a following. The fine print promises that Touche Éclat “highlights, refreshes your make-up and brightens your complexion”, and you know what? It actually does. With a wave of this shiny wand I looked better rested than Sleeping Beauty. Not only does this concealer erase any signs of a shocking nights sleep with a medium coverage and illuminating sparkle, it also doubles as a brow highlighter. Touche Éclat doesn’t cake and is quick to apply (velvety soft brush applicator included) – truly made for any modern day princess.”


Clinique Airbrush Concealer

Clinique’s Airbrush Concealer goes on smoothly and easily with a dewy texture and brush applicator. It brightens dark circles, leaving you with seriously radiant and fresh eyes. If you’re naturally blessed with wide-awake eyes and only require medium coverage, you’ve found yourself a new best friend. But if you’ve inherited your mama’s dark circles (which I indeed have – sorry mum), you’ll probably need to give this a couple of layers to get appropriate coverage. Keep it on hand for a touch up to accompany your 2pm coffee, and you’ll be ready to another 12 hours in your cubicle. Almost.”


Issada Mineral Liquid Light

“There’s nothing like a brand that delivers what it promises, and this little gem does just that. If you’re not familiar with Queensland based Issada, you can thank us later. Having grown up in the Sunshine State, I stumbled upon Issada’s shiny treasure trove in Bulimba at just 15 years of age, and have been a fan of their gentle mineral makeups ever since. Mineral Liquid Light is a miracle worker for weary sleepless eyes. The formula is thicker than most so it comfortably covers dark circles and it actually lasts all day – so no need to reapply (love!). The best bit? Issada’s products are full of natural ingredients from Vitamin A to E, and are a dream for the environmentally-inclined or anyone with sensitive skin (yours truly included).”


Benefit Fake Up

“An all-round winner, this concealer gives a natural finish that doesn’t crease and is made for every woman. Perfect for day-to-day or weekend wear, Benefit’s Fake Up works flawlessly with foundation, tinted moisturiser, or with a fresh naked face. It has a clever design – with a concealing core to cover any nasty dark circles that is surrounded by a hydrating ring that plumps the skin under your eyes – hydrating and hiding at the same time. The super quenching formula of Vitamin E and Apple Seed Extract is spot on during the cooler months for anyone with dehydrated skin.”


L’Oreal True Match Crayon Concealer

“The ultimate concealer for dummies, this easy-to-draw on pencil is gloriously creamy and smooth. The crayon format makes you feel like you’re colouring your tiredness away – Mr. Squiggle eat your heart out. Since it’s so easy to apply (look mum, no brushes!) and finger-blend it’s perfect to throw in your handbag for on-the-go concealathons. But you can also build it up, so if you’re in serious sleep debt, no one need know. No chunky sharpener? Fear not, this bad boy winds up, so you’ll never be left with a blunt.”

“When you own a business, every week is a big week and you take all of the help (beauty and otherwise) you can get. After a particularly long day preparing for a pitch and next-to-no sleep I decided to give this baby a run for her money. And boy am I glad I did. This high coverage concealer blended flawlessly to brighten my dawn-ravaged eyes, giving me an almost IRL airbrushed look. And a little goes a long way – just the smallest drop of this creamy concealer spread beautifully across my disgustingly dark circles and better yet, it stayed all day. This stuff is super heavy duty and not for the faint of heart – don’t go overboard or you could be left looking like a bit of a clown.”


Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer Pen

“Ever wake up with puffy red eyes? Or maybe you suffer hectic hay fever like me… This Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer Pen is truly that – a remedy for inflamed or irritated eyes. Unlike anything I’ve ever used, the palladium applicator glides so effortlessly under the eyes cooling and concealing at the same time. It’s some kind of mythical brightener, eraser and de-puffer (if that’s a thing). The coverage is great for anyone concerned with redness, all it takes is one click and you have the perfect amount of product to blend away your puffy peepers.”


NUDESTIX Concealer Pencil

“With a mission to embrace barely-there makeup, it’s no surprise that NUDESTIX would create the ultimate natural look concealer. Ideal for fresh-faced beauties, NUDESTIX Concealer Pencil provides the perfect coverage for a not-there makeup finish. Over the weekend I’m a huge fan of no-makeup makeup, and the creamy texture and pencil application make NUDESTIX super easy and quick to apply. I woke up like this? Not quite – but keep your girlfriends guessing over Sunday morning brunch, they needn’t know your secret.”

Review by Elyse Goyen

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  2. January 4, 2016
    jessy cam

    Love this!

  3. June 22, 2017

    Do you normally apply concealer and then apply foundation over top or just use concealer alone?

    1. June 23, 2017

      It depends – usually I just pop concealer over foundation or onto bare skin, but you can apply foundation over the top.

  4. June 22, 2017

    I definitely prefer the stick concealers compared to liquids