High tech tools and cutting-edge formulas are supposedly superior to age-old remedies, but sometimes paring it back to basics can also pay dividends. Jade rollers have taken the beauty world by storm, with supermodels Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley swearing by their de-puffing and glow-boosting properties. But are they really the key to your sculpted, fresh-faced pipe dreams? Beauticate writer Kristina Zhou tested a cult Amazon jade roller for three months to see if this highly lauded beauty tool lived up to its hype.

Jade Roller Benefits

The secret beauty weapon Chinese royalty swore by in the 17th century has experienced resurgence in our modern era. Considered a ‘Zen’ tool with purifying properties, the jade roller’s benefits are legendary for its ability to reduce inflammation, maximise skin tightness, and decrease facial tension.

External factors such as environmental pollution, lack of sleep, unhealthy diets, minimal exercise, and illness can weaken our body’s natural lymphatic drainage system. Lymphatic drainage is essential to filtering out toxins and fluids which can cause the skin to look bloated and dull. Jade rollers help diminish puffiness, brighten skin tone, and smooth skin texture effect by stimulating the lymphatic drainage system and boosting circulation.

Dr Lauren Naversen Geraghty, a board certified dermatologist, said jade rollers can “calm swelling and inflammation due to its cooling effects, whilst reducing swelling by improving blood flow and fluid drainage” but emphasizes that more concrete scientific evidence is necessary to study conclusive, long-term jade roller benefits.

Miranda Kerr is reportedly a devoted jade roller fan. Source: Instagram @erezsabag.

My experience

The purity of the jade stone plays a significant factor in determining the skin-boosting effectiveness, with 100% pure jade being the gold standard in skin rejuvenation.

I was meticulous in combing through thousands of reviews and confirming background details with sellers to ensure I purchased an authentic jade roller. After much deliberation, I finally settled on the bestselling and highly rated Pulviius jade roller from Amazon. I gave it a solid three-month trial before I determined its efficacy.

The positive immediate ‘next day’ effects

The first time I used the Pulviius jade roller, the cooling sensation put me in an immediately relaxed mood. Beyond being soothing to the senses, I also noticed a superficial tightening effect: my face looked more contoured and slightly lifted. The next day my under eye puffiness looked significantly flatter and the dark circles appeared lighter. And my favourite effect? The area underneath my chin looked surprisingly sculpted and more ‘tucked in’. And it wasn’tone of my colleagues asked if I recently had a chemical peel, because my skin was so dewy. The jade roller benefits had me on cloud nine!

The downside

I’m the type of person who tends to be overzealous with product application, slathering on creams instead of aligning with the recommended ‘pea size’ amount!  This time, I had continuously used the jade roller on my face for two hours, overstimulating and aggravating my face. Additionally, I didn’t apply an emollient base to soften friction, with the excessive dry rolling potentially responsible for moisture evaporation and surface level dehydration. With this rough approach, it was no surprise that my skin eventually started to look irritated, blotchy and rough (granted I have very sensitive skin). But it was nothing drastic and I could cover it with a thin layer of light-coverage BB cream. I have since re-calibrated my approach and decided to use a less vigorous approach…

The overall, long-term effects

The next day, I limited the Pulviius jade roller usage to five minutes and employed a feather light touch. I also applied a hyaluronic acid serum and let it sink in for a few minutes to lubricate the skin. I diligently followed this routine on a daily basis for three months and noticed that after late-nights or high salt consumption, the jade roller helped minimise puffiness. My face was plump, but the contours of my face became more defined and I noticed my skin tone appeared brighter, with a subtle glow. My under eye dark circles also looked less prominent and my eye-bags less puffy!

The jade roller benefits gradually improved over time and the effects incrementally lasted longer after multiple sessions, however, frequent usage is necessary to sustain these effects. After my three month trial period, I reduced application to once a week and noticed facial bloating returned on days where I skipped the jade roller. While I didn’t experience miraculous changes in fine lines and skin texture, the Pulviius jade roller definitely improved the general tightness of my skin, resulting in a lovely sculpted look.

Jade Roller Hacks To Boost Effectiveness

  • Start with your neck first. Tackling facial puffiness often starts at the neck. Clearing the lymph passageways on the neck is essential to filtering out toxins that can potentially cause facial bloating, according to Dr Lamees Hamdan, founder of Shiffa Beauty. Gently sweep the jade roller in an ‘up and down’ vertical motion. To add an additional boost from all angles, roll the nifty tool in an outward, horizontal stroke to boost the jade roller benefits of sculpting.
  • Starting from the centre of the face, use upward strokes that end at the outer edges of the face. Remember to gently roll around your earlobes to release tension and enhance the lymphatic drainage process. Avoid downward motions as this can cause sagging.
  • Use the smaller jade side to soften delicate areas such as the under eye. Begin at the inner corners of the eyes and gently move towards the temples for a full de-puffing effect.
  • Use horizontal strokes across the brow bone to reduce muscle tension and subtly lift the brows.
  • Use a vertical zigzag motion across your nasolabial folds to tighten the skin.
  • Use gentle upward strokes across your forehead to encourage collagen production and lift the skin.
Areas  to use the jade roller. Image via Pinterest.

The Pulviius jade roller benefits are significant but don’t expect the effects to rival injectables and plastic surgery, instead it offers subtle sculpting and refining. The jade roller is now a staple before big events and after sleepless nights, to make me look more fresh, awake, and polished. I would call it a holy grail!

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Story by Kristina Zhou, with expertise from Suzy Yang. Holding Shot: Instagram @rosiehw.

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