Even though winter brings with it the usual host of skin stressors (hello heating!) we do like the indoor hibernation factor as it breeds a need for regeneration. Wet weekends and a slightly less hectic social schedule make it the ideal time to try new beauty brands, targeted skin treatments and indulgent creams. Here are some of our current skincare favourites that have both soothed our skin and helped to scrub out the winter blues…


If you really want to stick it to winter (and SAD) cover your face in La Prairie’s White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion Serum to give it a delicious, lit-from-within-glow. The serum is encapsulated into silver pearls that burst on contact with the skin – quenching a thirsty dermis and delivering a radiant sheen. Utterly decadent, it also contains golden caviar and vitamin C. For added juiciness, layer the serum with the White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire – this helps brighten the skin even further and just feels and smells really beautiful. We love the new White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire – the Rolls Royce of eye creams that comes complete with a ceramic pearl to massage it in.


Pharmacy brand CeraVe has amassed a cult (and, notably, celebrity) following, thanks to their simple and effective formulations, and fab price points. Their Hyaluronic Acid Serum has recently landed on Australian shores, and we’re loving its light cream to gel texture – it makes for the perfect serum to layer under makeup for a instantaneous boost in hydration (which translates as plumped skin and glow), and is equally beautiful as part of your evening routine.

Image: Instagram @cerave_au

The Gentle Resurfacer

If you’re looking to incorporate a retinol into your routine over the cooler months, Shani Darden’s Texture Reform is a beautiful – and gentle – serum that provides the benefits of vitamin A without provoking sensitivity. Shani Darden tends to some of the world’s most famous faces, which her celebrity-studded Instagram is testament to, and crafted this serum for her clients who couldn’t tolerate more traditional vitamin A offerings but still wanted luminosity (thanks to  5% retinyl palmitate and 7% lactic acid). We also love the sleek and minimalist packaging.

Image credit: Instagram @shanidarden

The Pigmentation Fighter

If you’re keen to tackle that post-summer pigmentation, try Skin Reset by Emma Lewisham. Kate Fowler got us onto this cult Kiwi brand when she raved about this serum to help with pigmentation after pregnancy. A greener alternative to other pigmentation-correcting products, it’s loaded with brightening plant ingredients for maximum glow and skin clarity. Plus, it smells utterly divine.

Image: Instagram @emmalewisham

The Japanese/Parisian Fusion Fix

Shigeta is a new brand on our horizon, available via the endlessly scrollable Tokyo Beauty Book emporium – an online edit of the best that the world of J-Beauty has to offer. Shigeta was founded by Chico Shigeta, a Japanese aesthetician based in Paris, whose line pays tribute to both countries’ ultra chic beauty sensibilities. Their Awakening Moisture Cream from Shigeta is a pearlescent and nourishing cream that’s perfect for dry winter skin (thanks to the inclusion of rosehip oil), and comes in beautifully minimalist, pared-back packaging.

Image: Instagram @shigeta_japan

The Comforting Balm

The recent launch of luxe new Australian cosmeceuticals outfit Yora has got us excited – founded by multi-hypenate Antoinette Barnardo, the brand proposes a holistic and individualised approach to skincare. Their Conditioning Face Balm is a saviour for parched winter complexions – it’s a rich blend of facial oils and shea butter, as well as offering vitamin C for skin rejuvenation. We’re also big fans of its very handy stick form (which would make it perfect for travel or topping up moisture on the go).


Obviously sunscreen should be your first port of call in any skincare routine – it’s a vital pre-emptive step that’s so often neglected as sunscreens often suck a bit. They’re loaded with complex chemical names and we don’t like putting them on every day. We alternate with the beautiful Intense Night Serum – an rosehip, kukui, avocado and argan mix which gives skin a delicious big drink.


We love ANYTHING that’s designed to use while you sleep. Why not put those precious hours to work with Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment? This light milky lotion contains an anti-ageing peptide (chronopeptide) that is designed to align with the body’s circadian rhythm and is loaded with potent antioxidants to protect and detoxify the skin. We also love the soothing violet and cedarwood scent. Use after serums in place of moisturiser and skin is still plump come morning.


We adore perfume oils and stumbled across the very cool Courtney & The Babes range recently. The Cleanse is a beautiful, uplifting spritz of space-clearing lemon, lavender and juniper infused with Clear Quartz – known as the master healer. Girl is an awesome roller blend of oils designed to ease tensions on-the-go with lavender, roman chamomile, clary sage and coconut oil. Another oil we’ve really enjoyed is The Nectar, a potent cold-pressed rosehip oil which is abundant in vitamin C and antioxidants and is great for hard-to shift- pigmentation and scarring. Perfect for dehydrated winter skin.

Story by Sigourney Cantelo and Tess de Vivie de Régie; photography by Alice Mahran, Camilla Quiddington and Sigourney; styling by Kristin Rawson.

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