There’s nothing better than the smell of a newborn. That warm powdery, milky scent is the cleanest, most pure scent in the world. I remember inhaling Max, trying to drink him in through my nostrils. When it comes to baby products, you want something soft and subtle – that won’t overpower that smell, but complements it beautifully. Of course you also want it to be as natural as possible, and easy to use. Amid the sleep deprivation, the tears and tantrums (both mum’s and bub’s) it can be a little hard to navigate the beauty aisle. So whether you’re expecting, or you know someone who is, here’s my shortlist of the yummiest baby beauty buys… 

Photography by Julie Adams, head to The Grace Tales for full story.

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee All Better Balm. A clever all-purpose salve, this handy stick is great to rub onto bumps, scratches and bruises. Along with sweet almond oil, beeswax, cocoa butter it contains calendula and chamomile to soothe.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Mom & Baby Cream. This is perfect for dry patches on bub’s (or mum’s) face. The formulation is super natural with Shea Butter and eco-certified organic ingredients and has the paediatrician’s tick of approval. Love the baby bag- handy size.

Alimrose Designs Jointed Toy Pony. These gorgeous horsies come in a range of colours – such a cute addition to a nursery and great for boys and girls. Love that the arms and legs move – hours of fun.

Jurlique Baby’s Soothing Bubble Bath. This lavender-spiked foamy treat is good for mums and bubs alike. It contains jojoba oil to hydrate and a delicious scent that threatens to send anyone who sniffs it off to snoozetown within seconds.

The Body Shop Buriti Baby Bamboo Hair Brush. This super soft hairbrush is such a lovely gift for a newborn. The bristles are really gentle and the wooden design is gorgeous, too.


Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash. This is a must – not just for mums, but for clean freaks everywhere. It smells like the brand’s famous hand cream, absorbs and dry-washes hands quickly without the alcohol sting that some hand sanitizers sometimes have.

The Aromatherapy Co Baby Therapy Heal Me Balm. A gorgeous lavender and tea tree scented blend of beeswax and rosehip oil that calms irritations and hydrates. The tiny tin is perfectly portable and great for slipping into a nappy bag.

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment. This is a nice, yummily-scented alternative to the pharmacy nappy rash creams. It contains zinc oxide and beeswax to create a barrier against wetness.  If the nappy rash is really bad though, I maintain that nothing beats Desitin.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Mom & Baby Lotion. Also from the delicious L’Occitane range, this creamy body lotion comes in a hand pump pack perfect for sitting on the change table. It smells sweet and clean, a little like milk bottles.

French Children Don’t Throw Food. I was a massive fan of this book and I think every parent should read it. It’s not your average parenting book, it’s written in a really fun, chatty way.

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder. Powder has had a bad rap lately due to the risk of babies inhaling talc. This contains cornstarch, which isn’t as easily inhaled as talc. To be safe, apply it to your hand away from bub’s face then gently pat it on the nappy area after using wipes to dry off the area.

The Aromatherapy Co Baby Therapy Massage Oil. Anything that has a pump or spray gets my tick of approval (as anyone who’s ever tried to moisturise or massage a squirming baby can appreciate). This sleep-inducing oil contains…yep – you guessed it – lavender, along with sweet almond and citrus.

Milk Baby Snotty Grotty Room Spray. Love Lindy Klim and her beautiful baby range, Milk. This is such a clever product – the beautiful chamomile, rosehip, lavender and ylang ylang spray helps clear bub’s nasal passages and lulls them to slumber.

Story by Sigourney;  Sigourney’s photos by Julie Adams; Sigourney’s hair by Amanda Kowalevsky of Oscar Oscar Salon in Paddington; Styling by Georgie Abay; Flatlay styling by Sigourney; Flatlay photography by Amanda Chan. 

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  1. July 9, 2014

    Such gorgeous products- and such a cute bub!

  2. July 10, 2014

    I’d love to read that book about French children. It looks very interesting.

  3. July 10, 2014
    Me my best and I

    French children don’t throw food is being added to my reading list and thanks for the Desitin suggestion, I try to use all natural balms but when a bad rash kicks in you need something more powerful & we have one at the moment!

    1. July 13, 2014

      It’s so awful when they’ve got a really bad rash. Desitin is seriously the best thing I’ve ever tried. I like the natural ones for day to day use though.

      ENJOY French Children Don’t Throw Food. x

      1. July 17, 2014
        Me my best and I

        Just wanted to say thanks so much after , 2 days in there is a marked improvement – that is after using hydrocortisones & a heap of other creams that didn’t really do much xx

        1. July 19, 2014

          So great that it made a difference! x