I’m on the constant hunt for ways to shave time off my beauty routine. Anything that gives me back vital seconds gets my attention, and I’ll switch brands without a second thought if the innovation is there – even for something as simple as packaging.

Case in point: I’ve been a fan of Micellar water for many years. It’s the ultimate speed demon’s cleansing solution because it requires no water or basin, it takes only a few swipes and you’re done. I used to stock up on Bioderma’s one in French pharmacies and bring back multiple bottles. Truth be told I often use Micellar as my ONLY cleanser because I’m too busy/lazy to wash my face. Bonus points that it can be done in front of the television.

So when the team at Minenssey showed me the new Micellar Cleansing Water in a press-down dispenser I very nearly kissed them. Except it was COVID and we were all socially distancing. The bottles are true genius – I first spied them at the nail salon filled with acetone and marveled at the speed my nail technician could access her product. It was only a matter of time before they turned up in another category.

And thank goodness they did. I estimate I now save myself at least 3 seconds per cleanse. Add it all up and we’re looking at almost half a minute a week. That’s precious currency right there. Time I could spend with my kids (or, okay, watching Bridgerton).

If I had my way, all products would come in pump packs, because, honestly, who has the time or wherewithal to unscrew things these days?

Luckily, for Minenssey, the packaging innovation of the Cleansing Water is backed up by a stellar formulation. The clear, fragrance-free water is spiked with skin-soothing botanicals, including calendula and chamomile. These ingredients diminish irritation and heal the skin. It also contains antioxidant superstar White Tea, which protects from environmental damage, helping skin to stay younger for longer.

All good news for me as I push forty. Now, more than ever, I need products that will protect and soothe my skin. And if they leave it sparkling clean without feeling tight then I’m one very happy camper. Not literally of course. Although this would definitely be the product to take camping (or glamping) if you were so inclined.

Here’s a video I made for Minenssey to show the Micellar Cleanser in all its glory.

Words by Sigourney Cantelo. Photography by Alice Mahran. Videography by Joel Colthorpe. In association with Minenssey.

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