First comes a career as a criminal lawyer. Next, a film crew capturing you and 24 other women vying for one man’s attention.  Then love, marriage, and the baby in the baby carriage. Maybe not a traditional beginning, but certainly the start of a very happy story. Eight years ago, Anna Heinrich couldn’t have imagined that a stint on Australia’s first season of The Bachelor would lead not only to love and to brand new work opportunities, but to being mum of six-month-old baby Elle.  She sits down with us to explain ways that motherhood has shifted her approach to beauty, why she values her own parents even more now that she is a first-time mum, and how important it is to still make time for yourself.

“Motherhood is the latest of many adventures I have been on.

It’s interesting the way it changes your priorities. One of the biggest things for me that is so different now are my mornings. Day to day, I could usually get a sleep in before the baby was born. I’m not a morning person at all, but I’ve had to become one.

From the start, Elle has been my number one priority. I feed her, play with her, dress her, and then get myself ready as quickly as possible. I try to get my beauty regime done, then brekky and coffee, but even that has changed to a degree, as I just don’t have the time anymore to apply a hundred different products.

Although, really, I’ve never been one to apply lots of different things. I prefer to focus on a small number of products and think you get the best results that way, whether it’s skincare or makeup.

I bring Elle into the bathroom and pop her on a mat or seat while I shower, and then I apply two products. Olay has four super serums, which means there’s one to suit everyone. I start with Olay’s Luminous Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Super Serum, which I find so hydrating, and then moisturise with Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Face Cream Moisturiser. I am staring to see some sun damage, which didn’t bother me when I was younger, but it does now, so I like a product that helps to combat that. Plus this moisturiser is a great base for makeup. I don’t only rely on my skincare for sun protection now. I’m pretty much always in a hat if I’m in the sun; that’s become quite big for me.

I love makeup! I’m not afraid to say it.

My mum has always loved it, and I grew up watching her get ready and applying it every day. I like a relatively minimal look, polished without being over the top, and I get that from her, as I do a lot of things in life. Now that I’m a mum myself, she hasn’t given me particular advice, but I find that it’s more about how Mum acts and behaves, more than it is about her words. Instead of preaching, she’s always just shown us the way, particularly when it comes to having self-respect and showing respect to others.

I bring my makeup with me when I’m out and about, as I never know where I am going to end up. I like to have it on hand so I can add to it or change up the look depending on where the day takes me.

For base, I use Too Faced’s Born This Way in two colours: Warm Nude, and Warm Beige which is a little darker. Then, of course, you have to blend blend blend. Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk is a fantastic easy lip. I always have my eyelash extensions, so don’t use mascara on my top lashes, but I really like good old Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara on my lower lashes, as it never smudges. Napoleon Perdis Luxe Lids Eye Stix is nice and easy, as you you just scribble it on and go, and I like Napoleon Perdis The One Concealer for under eyes.

I use the NARS Orgasm Cheek Palette as highlighter, and Napoleon Perdis Best of The Noughties Eye Palette if I’m doing more of an eye look, although tend to use those two palettes more if am going out rather than day to day. I like that the Napoleon palette features nudes, as I never want to look like I have too much on, and prefer just a little pop rather than a heavy eye.

Honestly, I never felt like I was competing for Tim on The Bachelor. I always said that I was choosing him as much as he was choosing me. It’s true that on the show, you are in a bubble, so afterwards is the most important part. The show is just beginning.

The experience of being with all the other girls felt like being back at boarding school; it wasn’t competitive at all. I felt like, if Tim and I do have something great, then let’s explore it, and if it is meant to be, it’s meant to be. We both knew we were choosing each other, just like if you met in any other circumstances. You do really get to know someone in that TV environment because it’s very intense, but then when you’re dating on the outside, it becomes something more normal. I think with online dating now there can be a tendency to nit-pick and maybe not give people as much of a chance, whereas the show helps to strip back the details that don’t matter and let you really focus on each other. It was the first season of the Australian version, and it’s changed since then. When we did it, everyone had very good intentions and really wanted people to fall in love.

I am obsessed with family. I’m the middle one of three girls, and we are very close and all close with my parents. My younger sister has moved to the UK, but the older one is five minutes away from us. She has a boy who is a year older than Elle, so hopefully they’ll be very close, too.

I grew up in Goulburn, and when people realise I am from a country town, I think it clicks for them why I am more down to earth than they might have thought I’d be. Our parents wanted to bring the three of us up in the country, but still be close to Sydney so that we were near extended family, so I was at school in Goulburn until I was 12, then at boarding school in Sydney. Mum and Dad are here now, too, and we try and do things weekly, often going over to their place for dinner. Tim is really close with his family, too, and life being centred around family is very much something we both want to instil in Elle. Honestly, for me it’s so key to be close and open and able to talk to your family about anything. We’d love to have more kids if we can – I’d like to replicate what I have with my sisters!

After the show, I took a huge step back from my legal career. I was initially working five days a week and trying to fit in media appearances, and then slowly took one day a week off as all of that increased.

It started stressing me out, feeling like I was always asking for time off. Until I gave birth, I was working three days a week, and I do love having normality and being in an office. I was originally saying ‘yep, I’ll be back’, but also wondering ‘wait, how is this going to happen?’ I do still have my legal practicing certificate for this year, but whether I make a proper return to law I am still playing by ear and am going to see how I go. Motherhood shocked me with the time it takes, and right now, it doesn’t feel possible to balance that with full time work. I absolutely take my hat off to people who do.

It was a real surprise when all the media opportunities came up; it wasn’t something I had ever thought of doing.

I was really worried about going into the show, thinking ‘will I be able to have job after this?’ I was tossing up whether I should I go on the show or whether it would jeopardise my legal career. I spoke to my boss beforehand, and I wouldn’t have done it if he’d said he wasn’t happy.

Pre-COVID, I was doing more presenting and doing a radio show with Kyle Sandilands, and I love that sort of thing. I have been influencing on the side, but see that more as a byproduct of the other work I do. I’d really like to do more presenting. I’m actually taking acting classes, of all things! I’d like to build up certain skills and then kind of let it go, and see where life will take me. You never know! I mean, I never thought in a million years I’d be on that show or doing what I’m doing now. I really enjoy not having a routine, and being more able to pick and choose what I do. Tim is very supportive, and it helps that he is in the same boat of still doing the work he did before the show (as a chiropractor) while balancing the opportunities that have come along since.

My approach to beauty and fashion changes with how I’m feeling. I think your style evolves with you and circumstance. I don’t want to wear the same thing forever!

For instance, in terms of beauty, I didn’t have the same concerns ten years ago about dark spots that I do now. And thankfully I am no longer wearing long white long extensions a different shade to the rest of my hair! As I get older, I get better at letting the old me go.

Some of my favourite designers are Rebecca Vallance, Bec and Bridge, Aje, By Johnny, and Scanlan Theodore. I tend to buy one thing every six to twelve months, and that will last me. I don’t buy more because I can’t afford to, and also because I prefer not to have too much. And I like balance, to put on a cheap t-shirt with a nice bag that I’ve had for a very long time. If I am buying clothes these days, it’s more for Elle!

Right now, I’m not really doing treatments. I used to love getting a blueberry peel, but now with the baby it’s easier to do everything at home, including my hair.

I still want to get the best results, though. I love Dyson, and have had a Supersonic since they first came out. It really gives me that ‘salon finish’ we all love from the hairdresser, but at home. I wash my hair once or twice a week, max. I have fuzzy, frizzy hair, so once I’m out of the shower, I’ll get my dryer and dry it a little, just to smooth it out. I like to mix it up with how I wear it, and often have it in a ponytail or a bun. When you’re younger, you think you’re invincible, but once you’re in your thirties you start to notice the damage you do to your skin and hair.

I do still get lash extensions, though, because I just love them. I used to go every three to four weeks, but I try to push it to five weeks now. If I do have down time, and Tim has the baby, I will go to Palm Traditional Thai Massage on Bondi Road, or if I’m after something fancier, I’ll head to Crown Spa Sydney. Oh my goodness, their nail salon! Every single thing they do is so luxe. I feel so lucky to be working with them.

I look at beauty holistically, and think what you’re putting in your body is really important. I’m learning that, as I get older, staying hydrated and paying attention to how I fuel myself matters.

I’m really balanced with what I eat. I have chocolate every day. Tim eats treats on a daily basis, too, but I’m not as disciplined as he is. He’s happy to have one scoop of ice cream and be done, whereas sometimes I just don’t want to go there at all, and avoid having the temptation of ending up eating everything. I mean, I do have my off days when I eat the whole Easter bunny, you know? But the majority of the time I eat well. I try not to limit myself when I’m out, and enjoy life. I take every day as it comes and pay attention to how I’m feeling and what we actually feel like eating. Usually at home we’re eating meat and salad, stir fries, fish. We’ll have spaghetti sometimes, and do it as half zoodles, half pasta. I like to make those sorts of cuts where you don’t really miss it. Then there are times I don’t want to make cuts at all, like breakfast or brunch out, which is my favourite.

In terms of supplements, I really love magnesium, which I started using when I did a half marathon years ago. I find a magnesium bath gives incredible relief. I took magnesium all throughout pregnancy and still take it now to help with sleep; it’s a huge help.

I think we’ve trained once together, ever – a boxing class before we had Elle. I got very frustrated, haha. I know I should listen to him, as he knows so much about fitness and training, but when it’s coming from your partner, it’s hard!

Now, on Sunday mornings, I do a 90 minute boxing class at Fitness First. I’m exhausted by the end of but it’s great. Before I was pregnant, I used to do step classes, and particularly liked doing them with Mum. Now, because of Elle, I try and plan sessions for when I know Tim will be taking care of her. When I was pregnant, I went to Bodylove Pilates at Woollahra, which has a whole pre-natal focus. They really cater for you. I happily did step and pump classes up until 34 weeks, but eventually I didn’t want to risk falling, so I switched to Reformer classes at Bodylove. I liked them so much that I’ve continued that now, three times a week. It kickstarts my day, and I’m happier once I’ve done that. It’s ‘me time’, which is so important for all of us. If you have kids, try to get your partner or parents or a babysitter to take them and do something for you, even if it’s just going for a walk or relaxing and chilling out. Having that time makes me a better mum, wife, and overall person. Much as I put Elle first, there are times when I need to focus on myself.”

Interview and story by Zoe Briggs. Photography by Camilla Quiddington. Anna has paid partnerships with Olay, Napoleon Perdis, Dyson and Crown Sydney.

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