We knew that newsreader and former star of The Bachelorette, Georgia Love, would have a trick or two for looking good on and off the camera. It turns out that as well some excellent beauty tips, the lady knows a few things about life, too – from how to cope with heartbreak to the ideal heels to stand in all day. And yes, she is as disarmingly honest and funny in person as her Instagram profile would have you believe (seriously, who else in the public eye happily captions their tummy-baring shots #notapregnancyannouncement and #pilatesithoughtyousaidpiesandlattes?). Even putting aside her unfair possession of those blue eyes, as well as the fluffiest cat on earth, it's fair to say we're smitten.

Most people don’t know that I actually have really, really curly hair!

My mum had it too, so she taught me to straighten it and how to look after it. Although, before the days of GHDs, we would straighten each other’s hair with an actual iron on the ironing board! Now I blowdry it as soon as I’m out of the shower to smooth it out (I use the Dyson hairdryer – which I’m absolutely obsessed with) then will either use a GHD straightener or curling wand to style it. Because it gets so much heat styling, I need to really take care of it so I use a deep conditioning protein treatment once a week (Palmer’s has a great coconut oil one) and use heat protectant and serum when it’s looking a bit dry.

I actually love having a skincare routine…

The difference I’ve noticed in my skin since really putting in an effort to take care of it day and night is amazing. For that reason, I cleanse and use serum, moisturiser and eyecream every single morning and night. I use an SPF in the morning and will do a face mask once or twice a week for an added kick. Given I have to wear quite a lot of makeup for my work in TV it’s important to keep up a good skin routine, as it makes my makeup application super easy.

I’ve used Palmer’s cocoa butter body lotion since I was a teenager, and being their Ambassador now is such a natural fit with their values and mine.

I just love the natural smell of their coconut body oil – I use it before an event to give my skin an added sheen. Palmer’s Skin Perfecting Ultra Hydrating Serum is my favourite beauty product ever! It has hyaluronic acid and retinol for anti-aging benefits, and is super affordable. My secret tip? I put it on my decolletage at night. Old lady chest won’t be happening here!

Kevin Murphy Doo Over is a miracle. It’s a dry shampoo that makes your hair feel cleaner without weighing it down and gives you volume again. Plus it smells delicious!

My favourite perfume in the world is Live Colorfully by Kate Spade.

It’s floral and fun and I get comments every single time I wear it. I’ve framed a birthday card from a friend that deeply resonates with me: “inside me lives a skinny woman crying to get out. But I can usually shut the bitch up with cookies”. And this Damselfly candle speaks directly to my love of tacos, so it lives in the kitchen!

I like a mix of workouts that keep me fit and healthy, even if I can never seem to get rid of my tummy… lucky one piece swimwear is so in right now!

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me or follows me on social media that I love F45! I’m a complete convert – I love how varied the classes are and the team environment. I go to the South Yarra studio and it’s one of my very favourite things to do. I also really love pilates and boxing and do each of these once a week. Pilates at Studio PP in South Yarra is good for stretching and toning, whereas I use boxing at One Way Fitness for anger management! I love food so am not at all about starving myself or cutting anything out. I eat what I like in sensible doses and always make sure I’m eating enough of the good stuff too.

I’m definitely not a tomboy.

I love lace and frills and interesting shapes. I’ve never understood girls who say they’re most comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans. I think give me an Asilio dress and I’m happy. I’m really loving Asilio, Atoir, Alice McCall and Life With Bird at the moment.

I love wearing heels, which I do for work as well as for fun, and I’ve discovered that the key is a good block heel. So much comfier than stilettos, and they don’t get stuck in grates or grass! My favourites are the Nearly Nude style by Stuart Weitzman, and I have them in different colours and heel heights.

Meet the beautiful Pawdrey Hepburn – my cat who was named after my beauty icon.

Audrey’s flawless beauty and style have always been influential and an inspiration. She is my definition of feminine beauty. My Ragdoll version is much needier but just as gorgeous.

Lee gave me these Cartel roses for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve let them dry to be a feature in themselves. And I love my matching Damselfly candle, matches and hand cream. I’m obsessed with this brand and their hilarious and inspiring captions. I have a bunch around the house with different funny slogans.

My take on aging is that I just don’t want to – let me be young and have elastic skin and perky boobs forever please!

I look after myself well enough not to be too scared about ageing.

It’s not even the physical signs of it that bother me so much though… I just don’t want to ever be old and boring!

My favourite feature is my eyes, mainly because they’re exactly the same as my mum’s – I feel so proud to have inherited them, and it’s so special to feel I’m carrying around a small piece of her.

I lost my mum to pancreatic cancer six months after she was diagnosed, and 24 hours after the finale episode of The Bachelorette aired. That period of time is such a blur, but it connects everything that happened then (including meeting my boyfriend, Lee) with her. It may sound trite but she was genuinely my best friend, and a big reason I joined the show. Her being sick was, for me, the definition of ‘life’s too short’, and I knew it was time for me to find a partner just like my parents had found in each other. It still surprises me how often missing someone can come up and catch you completely off guard, when I think “I’ve got to text Mum” and then realise… It’s definitely not just the big events like weddings where you feel it. And it doesn’t go away. You miss them and you just realise you will always miss them. You live with it.

I love that every day in my job is completely different.

When I was younger I wanted to be a detective because I love discovering the story behind things, but when I realised you have to be a normal cop first (which I’d be terrible at!) I went with journalism instead and truly never looked back. After being in the weird bubble of reality TV, I really feel like myself again being back at the newsdesk, this time for Channel Ten in Melbourne. In this job you can have the worst day ever but then the next day may be your best! You come in in the morning not knowing what story you’ll be covering, and you come out the end of the day with a finished product. Tomorrow is always a fresh slate and that’s so exciting.”

Story by Zoe Briggs. Photography by Neiyo Sun.

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