If, pre-pandemic, you’ve ever turned on a TV for red carpet coverage during awards season, chances are you’ve spied an elfin blonde wielding her microphone with a huge grin and a charming trans-Atlantic accent. Being E!’s celebrity style maven is just one feather in Zanna Roberts Rassi’s cap, though: there’s also those average, run of the mill job titles like Fashion Editor-At-Large for US Marie Claire… oh, and co-founder of a certain must-have beauty brand, Milk Makeup. The line was named for and born out of the uber-creative environment abounding at her husband Mazdack Rassi’s famous Milk Studios in NYC, where every photographer, model, and celebrity who’s ever mattered has worked; a very happy fusion with Zanna’s innate ability to hone in on the new It trends. Five years on, Milk still manages to send shockwaves of excitement out with every new product release, each of which seems to effortlessly marry practicality (think liquids in stick form) with sheer fun. It’s safe to say that if her twin daughters Rumi and Juno want to experiment with fashion and beauty, they’ll have access to one of the world’s coolest wardrobes – and bathroom cabinets – in which to do so.

“I would love to say that I had a grand vision and plan for my career from an early age, but truth be told, there have been a lot of unpredictable twists and turns and some lucky breaks that have led me to where I am today. That said, I do believe I inherited a strong work ethic, moral compass, and good instincts from my parents, and these traits have paid off in droves! 

I started as a magazine beauty editor, then transitioned to fashion, first as an editor, then a freelance stylist and then a broadcast correspondent. All of these roles helped form me into a brand founder. Each one really played into the next and gave me the experience and confidence to do what I do today.

I am always very busy in the morning and very tired at night, so I have a relatively low maintenance routine.

In the morning, I try and do a quick Watermelon Brightening Face Mask in the shower, or while I’m feeding the kids/making coffee/sending emails, or some combination of the three! Then I rinse with warm water and, while my skin is still damp, apply Vegan Milk Moisturizer. The formula is rich but not greasy, so your skin really drinks it in.  Then I finish off with a ton of lip balm to get me through the day.

At night, I cleanse with Vegan Milk Cleanser then apply a layer of Melatonin Overnight Serum and, of course, Melatonin Overnight Lip Mask for lips. (Can you tell I love lip products?)

Every six months I have an Aqua Gold Treatment courtesy of the magical Laura Dyer. And I want to give a big ups to Onda Beauty, Naomi Watts’ beauty space. I’m a huge fan.


I’m a firm believer in good skin prep. If you take care of your skin generally, and pay attention to what products you use before applying a lot of makeup, it will make the makeup look better and stay on longer.

I highly recommend investing in our Hydro Grip Primer, which moisturises while also helping the skin grip onto makeup. A little hack I have is to apply it on bare skin alone and it gives you this gorgeous, glassy finish – no makeup needed.

I’m a sucker for a heavily lined eye and have finally mastered the cat eye flick after all these years. The bigger the night, the bigger the line!

KUSH Liquid Eyeliner is the deepest of blacks and once it’s on, it stays put until you take it off. Which, let’s be honest… after a good night might be the next morning. Oops!

I love to be able to see someone’s skin and hate seeing poorly applied foundation. When it comes to base, apply only a little at a time. Buff, blend, and repeat – it’s so much easier to build up than remove, and thinner layers look way more authentic than when it’s caked on.

The makeup favourite of mine that give me that everyday, ‘I just have perfect skin’ look is our Matte Bronzer in Baked. I love to be efficient and multitask and the tint literally lets you pump, roll, blend, and go. It gives you coverage, face oil, and SPF in one and leaves skin with a beautiful dewy finish.

Our bronzer is my ten second tan. The finish is super matte, not metallic, so it looks totally natural. The formula melts right into my skin and the stick format means it’s so easy to apply all over; I use it on my face, shoulders, legs, everywhere.


I’m a textbook Pisces, which is both a vice and a virtue; I’ve been described as creative and intuitive, but also oversensitive and a people pleaser.

What I love most about what I do is randomly meeting strangers in a restaurant bathroom, or on a plane or something, who love Milk Makeup. And of course, getting to work with an incredible team who inspire me daily with products, content, imagination, communication, and their heart and spirit. They are truly wizards – absolutely next level in every way. The worst part? There are not enough hours in the day. We have a lot to do!


I recently went peroxide blonde and I swear my hair is actually in better condition now than it was when I was just getting highlights. Perhaps it’s because as soon as we bleached it I started taking better care of it, so that it wouldn’t just snap off.

I use Christophe Robin everything, as recommended by my long-suffering colourist, Sean Gallagher, at the Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in NYC. I’ve been with him for a decade.

My hair game was not always so chic. I definitely used to steal Harmony Hairspray (as well as the charming Boots 17 Twilight Teaser lipstick) from my older sisters and then go and hide in a closet, determined to put it to good use before I got caught.

My style is minimalist, masculine, and disproportional; I am happiest when I look like I borrowed an item of clothing from my dad! I love for one element of my look to appear oversized, whether it be a shirt, the pants, or even chunky sneakers.  

Pangaia is my go-to for all day, every day. I just shopped eight pieces of their FLWRDWN collection (hoodies, tees, sweats) – the fabric is literally made from wild flowers! I like bassike for denim; I just discovered their super wide jeans and am obsessed.

I love Monse for fancy nights out and red carpets. It’s masculine, tailored, and a little deconstructed which is my dream combo. And I love some of the incredible designers from Australia, like Alex Perry, Ellery, and Zimmermann.

Image: Instagram @ZANNARASSI

I believe diet is about 80% of what goes into taking care of our bodies, so I try to eat pretty cleanly.

Since the pandemic started I’ve finally gotten into a routine with working out, which I always struggled with before. I try to exercise every day now, if only for 20-30 minutes, and have been relying on amazing virtual classes with the Brooke Burke app as well as The Pilates Class by Jacqui Kingswell. One of these short sessions will get my heart pumping and my brain fired up.

My other morning must haves are, of course, coffee (rum-soaked flavoured!), a blast of cold water in the shower, and, if I’m going to be on camera, ice cubes under my eyes.


My mother is a natural beauty and never pushed fancy creams, lotions, or potions. My fuss-free, low maintenance routine and outlook on life is definitely inherited from her.

My own attitude towards ageing is definitely ‘bring it!’ I feel more confident in myself and my appearance today than I did 20 years ago and can’t wait to see what the next 20 years do for those feelings.”

Story by Zoe Briggs. Images supplied by Zanna Roberts Rassi and via Instagram @zannarassi.

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