For photographer, Bonnie Cee, life is literally a beach. When she's not shooting bronzed, stunning models on the beach, Bonnie is off in a foreign city to shoot a more urban backdrop. Not surprising, considering her work draws in over 233,000 Instagram followers, currently. Evoking the feeling of warmth and tropical relaxation, Bonnie's photos are becoming a trademark of modern Australian fashion photography. While she may work in work in the beauty and fashion industry, her sense of style and beautifying routine are surprisingly simple. We sat down with Bonnie to talk beauty swaps, thoughts on aging, and finding a career you're passionate about...

“I always knew I wanted to do something creative

I tried out many different creative outlets such as floristry, textile design and fashion… But I always came back to the visual arts. Something with a strong focus on creating beautiful imagery… I first picked up a camera on a trip to the USA & Europe back in 2008 and since then been enthralled by the idea of photography and capturing beautiful images… I feel very lucky that I was able to find something I was so passionate about, and that I had a great support system around me- which meant I had the chance to go for it and chase my dream.”

“[I’m] definitely a minimalist when it comes to beauty.

I rarely wear foundation these days as I like to let my skin breath and only do a full face of makeup for special occasions or a night out. I also stick to old faithful a lot… once I find a product that works for me I use it forever.”

“I’m a bit of a believer in letting your body just be and not introducing too many artificial things to your skin.

My daily routine includes washing my face with Skinstitute Gentle Cleanse, then applying Cetaphil Moisturiser… thats it… oh and sunscreen daily, of course! For makeup removal I use Bioderma Micelle water, which I love! And I am obsessed with Lucas Paw Paw ointment for my lips. I dislike all the products with unnecessary bad ingredients…

I am sure there is so much out there that we are putting on our skin which isn’t good for it.”

“I feel most beautiful when I am my most comfortable.

That can either be in jeans and a tee or in my comfy clothes at home. I love when I have just showered and my hair is freshly dried and soft, clean skin with a bit of mascara.”

“I’ve only really just started thinking about aging and how I can do my best to prepare myself.

I’ve made a personal goal to start taking better care of my skin and health over the coming years. Until now I have lived under “ignorance is bliss”, but I’m starting to realize that isn’t the best thing to do and I should look to the future instead. I also get Yellow Light Treatments, which help my overall skin tone and rejuvenation on my face.”

“I eat vegetarian and try to eat whole foods when I can… but this is a work in progress and I am definitely not a guru at this.

I have found that my body responds so much better to being meat free though, I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I also aim to work out a few times a week.”

Story by Molly Gay. Photos by Bonnie Cee

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