We've long marveled at the transforming magic of makeup artists. They roll out their arsenal of products and we leave our face in their trusty hands, no questions asked. But, natural makeup artist Emmily Banks wants us to do just that. After six years making up faces with the usual product suspects, she decided it was time to take a more ethical approach to her career, and only work with natural, animal-friendly and eco-friendly products. Three years on and she has an e-commerce health and wellness blog, Depths of Beauty, a YouTube channel, a cook book in the works and is the ambassador for Australian Organic Awareness Month. With a passion that goes beyond just a business model (she lives and breathes the natural organic ethos in all areas of her life), she's hoping to turn all of us to the natural side... We spoke with the blonde Bondi-based beauty about the importance of ethical makeup and skincare habits, the lessons she learned from her mum about ageing and the beauty products she swears stand up against their chemical counterparts...

“I’ve always felt inspired by beauty and extremely connected to health and wellness.

My business, Depths of Beauty, was the love child produced from these two worlds colliding. I started out as a makeup artist and slowly transitioned my kit to natural and certified organic products. Once I researched the importance of nourishing our skin from within and without, I felt extremely inspired to help educate others on the importance of using truly natural, certified organic, eco-friendly products on our skin. The more I focused on cultivating these things in my own life, the more my passion grew and began to expand. First to friends and family, then slowly into my work, social media and eventually (hopefully) the world!

I think ageing is a privilege and we shouldn’t be so fearful of the term.

I don’t believe in anti-ageing but I do believe in ‘anti-signs of ageing’ by nourishing our mind, body and soul to slow down the ageing process. My mum was and still is a natural stunning beauty. She taught me first and foremost to love the skin you’re in. Not only was she confident and walked with her head held high, she was also so kind and full of love she radiated beauty without any external products. She did love rocking a bright pink lip and always seemed to apply her makeup effortlessly, yet flawlessly in 5 minutes flat! She showed me that we can enjoy the feeling and looking beautiful without it having to validate our true inner beauty, feminine essence and value as a woman.

When I was a kid, beauty was fun and playful. I loved doing my friends’ makeup.

I recall embracing and celebrating all things beauty and dressing up with adornments from a young age. Definitely lipstick. I have photos of me as a toddler, having secretly raided my mum’s makeup bag, resulting in me rocking a pink lip and loving it! Now though, personally, less is more for me. I am all about flawless, radiant skin with a flush of colour on the lips and cheeks. I LOVE all of my eco-friendly, organic products and try to use the most nourishing skincare and makeup available.


If I could describe my beauty look it would be Classical Natural Mermaid Beach Girl.

I LOVE using Endota Spa Highlighter to highlight my cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and cupids bow to add extra radiance for a healthy glow. I also love the Inika Organic Illuminiser. I use Ere Perez Bronzer for that all-over summery golden hue. It’s a beautiful bronzer to create a really natural finish. One of my favourite tricks is using Nudus Lipstick in Amalia on lips and cheekbones as a cream blush. I’m obsessed with it, it’s long lasting with a matte finish. I also use The Beauty Chef Fix Balm to nourish and hydrate the lips, Organic Spa Intense Moisture Cream to prep skin, then Inika Liquid BB Cream. I use Endota Eyeliner on top lash line and Inika Mascara applied to top and bottom lashes.

I mix up the products I use on my hair as I’m constantly trialing brands.

I try to nourish it with as many oils as possible that won’t leave it feeling heavy or shiny. I use Mukti OrganicsAcureRahua and many others. I will often add a drop or two of oil blends such as jojoba, argan including protective essential oils like cedarwood, clary sage, rosemary and lavender on the tips of damp hair to protect the cuticles and add healthy shine.

I feel the most beautiful after an active start to the morning…

…including training, getting out into nature and going for a dip in the ocean. There’s just nothing like feeling fresh and energised walking out of the ocean up to my towel on the beach dripping in fresh salty water with the sun on my skin. I love moving my body to release endorphins and feel fit, healthy and strong. I mix up my routines between coastal runs from Bondi-Coogee, saunas and swims at Icebergs. I also rotate training at the gym, getting involved in a group class or being pushed by a personal trainer! I train daily between Beach Fit Bondi gym, F45 Classes and Scott Gooding’s Bootcamp. I also do the occasional boxing class with a personal trainer Ashleigh Besse at PE Department in Potts Point.

I love nourishing food so much…

… I’m big on fresh, organic whole foods, lots of green juice, bone broth, plenty of sleep, and regular exercise. I’m releasing an eBook Recipes for Radiance which will include all of my delicious, nutritious recipes from broth, green soups, curries, spinach quiche to sweet potato chips, herbed fish and spicy veggies, the list goes on. I also drink teas, water, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil with a dash of turmeric in hot water (it’s SO delicious) all day long, and I’m totally obsessed with juices and kombucha. I’m lucky not to have a sweet tooth, lots of bitter flavours or salt for me please! I’m fortunately to naturally love healthy food – it’s just normal for me to eat well.”

Story by Rikki Hodge-Smith; Interview by Sigourney Cantelo; Photography courtesy of Emmily Banks and Leeroy Tehira

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  1. October 25, 2017

    Awesome interview! I was lucky to meet Emmily earlier this year, such a natural beauty inside out 🙂

  2. October 28, 2017

    beautiful girl and great article