Hannah Grossberg has already had an auspicious start to her career. At only 23 years old, the artist has already taken commissions from Vogue, Missoni, Oroton and Aje. With an upbringing that was focused heavily around design, travel and culture (mum is a successful landscape designer), she went on to cut her teeth at the fashionable Parsons Design School in New York (previous alumni include Tom Ford, Alexander Wang and Anna Sui). Her vivid, technicolour works - utilising everything from oil painting and watercolour to digital illustration - infuse natural themes and exuberant nudes with an intriguing sense of light and energy.

A firm believer in the role nutrition plays in beauty, the willowy blonde shares many clean-living aphorisms with her cousin, nutritionist and health coach, Jessica Sepel. The radiant Hannah opened up her Eastern Sydney home and art studio,  revealing a stylish yet grounded approach to beauty and dedication to health.

“I’ve always known that I will forever be creating art

Painting and drawing has always been my passion. From a young age my mother taught it to me like its own language! After graduating a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Sydney University and Parsons in New York, it occurred to me that so many businesses were looking to inject creativity and ‘the hand made’ into their brand. I feel so lucky that I can pursue my love for painting and produce illustrations that are so well appreciated by everyone in all industries not just the art world.


Being an artist for me is about communicating the broader message found beneath the surface of the painting

Every artist has the gift to visually express themselves in the most unique and subtle way.  Through my art, I aim to offer a bright and hopeful perspective of the world as I see it and invite others to share the creative process of love and light that surrounds us everyday.

I have always kept my beauty look very natural

For me, It’s about healthy glowing skin, bright eyes and good energy! My personal style is classic, elegant and feminine. I feel the most true to myself when I’m in all white and have minimal make-up on! Having deep belly laughs is the best medicine for all. I feel my most beautiful when feeding my mind body and soul with love. Being with incredible people in stunning places can make anyone feel brighter. Adding a touch of bronzer and a fresh fragrance like Gypsy Water by Byredo Parfums doesn’t hurt either!


My biggest beauty influences are my mother and my two grandmothers Hessie and Barbie

They have always exuded their inner beauty, remaining true to themselves with such style and grace. My mother, an absolute hippy, taught me that beauty is one hundred per cent from the inside out. Happiness, confidence and self love (with a dash of mascara) is all you need!! My mother has the biggest heart and free sprit and only seems to be getting younger every day! At five years old I was always putting my mothers red lipstick on…for me it was as simple as painting a canvas! Only it didn’t come off as easily!

Growing up I had challenges with my skin and went on Roaccutane

It made me very conscious and aware of how to look after it properly. Giving it love and attention has always been my number one priority and I’m constantly feeding it goodness from both the inside and out. I wash and moisturise my face everyday with GERnetic Skincare. I get regular facials at Rikki Ginsberg in Rose Bay. It’s an hour of pure heaven and you literally walk out feeling like a new person, she simply is the best! For me, glowing skin really is the best makeup trick. Finding the perfect combination between internal remedies and illuminating powders will always make me feel my best. I feel the most beautiful on a beach holiday with my family and friends, when I’m sun kissed with curly beach hair and no make-up on!


I have recently started using the Ambient Lighting Powder by Hourglass

It is literally known to give an Instragram filtered glow!. I also use Nars under eye concealer and Nars Laguna bronzer which always works! I love Nars eyeshadow duo: Kalahari. It’s so natural and makes blue and green eyes pop! I use Lancome Virtuose mascara and always make sure my brows are well filled in and combed!  I also love a creamy and glossy lip. I’m currently using Chantecaille Brilliant gloss in Charm. For my hair, I constantly give treatments and KMS Moist Repair as a leave in conditioner. I know my hair is at its healthiest when I leave it natural!

My diet consists of clean, wholesome and unprocessed foods

My incredible cousin Jessica Sepel, aka JSHealth has written books and blogs that perfectly capture our family’s health philosophy. I try eat organic when I can. Recently I have been really getting in touch with my body and eat the foods I feel it needs. I believe Yoga is a medicine for the body. I attend regular yoga classes at Dharma Shala in Bondi as well as private one on one sessions with the amazing Charlotte Dodson. Walking has always been my favourite too! Yoga and walking in nature is essential to relaxing the nervous system. I try to do deep breathing every morning when i wake up as it sets my day just right, just keep doing the things that make you feel young and beautiful. I love the daily ritual that we all adopt. I think it’s an amazing moment in our busy day to stop, breathe and give ourselves love and attention.


Interview by Sigourney,  Arranged by Claudia De Berardinis, Photography by Tal Gilead, Makeup by Filomena Natoli.

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