It's no accident that the designer and pioneer of the Activewear category looks this good (and in her early fifties). Her approach to beauty and health includes exercising every day (even a ten minute stretch will do), mindful eating, a daily foam roller session, morning meditation, a minimal take on beauty and, surprisingly, a touch of Sportsgirl body bronzer.

“I was a fitness instructor that just couldn’t find any decent workout clothes so I decided to make my own.

This was 28 years ago and I was a little ahead of my time as far as fashionable activewear went, so when I started wearing my designs in my classes the other women went crazy for them and Lorna Jane and the Activewear category was born.

I always loved fashion and anything to do with health and fitness.

So I guess it was my destiny to create a profession and a life that combined them so perfectly. I love the fact that it’s different every day and that I get to inspire other women to follow their dreams and create a life that they love as well.

My personal style would have to be Athletic-meets-fashion.

I love technical fabrics, and style with ease and comfort is key. I guess you could say I’m very relaxed but with a fashion edge. It’s hard to pick a favourite designer but I’d have to say the designers that I keep going back to are Louis Vuitton, Isabel Marant and Chanel.  I also just bought an incredible jumpsuit by L’Agence, a glittery dress for Christmas by A.L.C. and a jacket that makes me long for winter by Smythe – all from a great boutique in Brisbane called Calexico.

Growing up, I remember paying a little bit of attention to my hair but as far as make-up went, I pretty much wore nothing at all.

I remember having a friend that always looked so beautiful and one day she came to school looking a little tired (but still beautiful). I remember asking her if she was okay and her reply was, “I’m fine, I just don’t have any make-up on today.” I remember thinking to myself that I didn’t want to get in the habit of wearing make-up because I didn’t want people thinking I looked tired when I didn’t – so I think that influenced me towards a more natural approach to beauty. I also think doing a lot of sport didn’t really go hand in hand with wearing make-up.

In the morning I cleanse my face with Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing Cleanser and moisturise with The Body Deli Nourish Night Cream (mixed together with a few drops of Dermalogica’s Phyto Replenish Oil)…

and a little mascara if my eyelashes need tinting. I use mascara by the brand Tarte because my eyes are super sensitive and it is the one that doesn’t make my eyes itchy after a couple of hours. I spritz with rosewater spray throughout the day – at the moment I’m using Aesop’s Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol with rose petal, bergamont and camomile. At night I remove any mascara or make-up with coconut oil and then cleanse with Dermalogica’s PreCleanse oil and moisturise with Kosmea Rosehip oil. I do most of my own treatments at home using my own natural ingredients and recipes but I do love hydrating masks and use an SK11 mask when I’m traveling and usually the night before a photo shoot to get my skin looking more radiant.

I dry body brush most days in the morning before I shower to invigorate my skin and get my circulation going.

I cleanse my body with Rituals Ultra Hydration Shower Paste with stimulating eucalyptus and moisturising olive oil. I exfoliate twice a week with Frank Body Scrub (the original coffee and coconut coffee are my favourites). I have also just started using Everybodhi Magnesium Coffee Body Scrub which I find amazing when I have tired muscles. I also love Micro-Dermabrasion to boost my skin (I go to Des at Blow Salon in Brisbane). My favourite spa would have to be Gwinganna on the Gold Coast. I’m not sure if you can book treatments if you’re not staying there but whenever I go on retreat there I spend most afternoons getting massaged and pampered for hours on end!

I wear sunscreen when I am going outdoors and my favourite is Wotnot Natural Sunscreen because it is great protection without any of the nasties.

Surprisingly I have been using Sportsgirl’s Body Glow for years now – it’s an instant body bronzer that has an amazing scent and can easily be washed of at the end of the day. It goes on easily, doesn’t stain your clothes and smells delicious. I recently met Sportsgirl’s CEO, Colleen Callander at a Business Chicks event and she told me it was one of the brand’s most asked-after products, so I’m obviously not the only one that loves it!

As soon as I wake in the morning I drink 600ml of water to hydrate my body after 8 hours of fasting.

I find that this simple practice helps me to crave more water during the day as well as wakes me up and gets my digestive system moving. I then do some stretches and sun salutations and if I’m feeling a little tight I foam roller and/or use a trigger ball to ease any tight areas. I wash my face with warm water and apply a moisturiser with SPF30, drink a quick smoothie, brush my teeth and workout.

I’m the first to say that my hair could do with a little more love…

…although I have seen a vast improvement since I started using coconut oil. I also love OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil and put it through my hair to give it some extra shine after styling. I also find just putting a little in the ends of my hair before I go to bed makes my hair look and feel better in the morning. When I can find the time I make my own active amino hair mask to give my hair some much needed repair and shine.

I do yoga 3-4 times a week which calms my mind and makes me more focused.

I also have a daily meditation ritual (just 10-15 minutes a day first thing in the morning) that helps me with clarity and eases any anxiety about the busy day I may have ahead of me. I like to read so I always have a couple of books on my bedside table to get a few pages in before I go to sleep at night. Surprisingly watching Netflix with a cup of tea is something that I find relaxing and I can do with my husband to relax us both after a busy day at work.

I exercise every day even if it’s just a 20-minute walk with my dog or 10 minutes of stretching.

But most days I aim for an hour and that varies between strength training (twice a week at Biologiclabs with Matthew who I have been training with for 7 years now), yoga either at home with the Yogaglo App or at Being Yoga in Brisbane and hiking and interval training on my treadmill at home. When I’m in LA I do F45 (the strength-based classes not the cardio) twice a week and do yoga most days. There are so many good instructors in Santa Monica where I live so I go to three studios chasing different instructors and classes. I love Gurus Yoga in the Palisades for great flow classes, Yogaworks on Montana for Iyenga and Santa Monica Power Yoga for heated yoga.  I also do a lot of hiking and love Temescal Canyon in the Palisades as well as The Will Rogers Trail.

I love food and know just how important it is to eat well if you want to look and feel at your best.

If you want to feel vibrant and full of energy every day than you have to understand food and feed yourself the nutrients you need each day to be at your best. I start my day with a smoothie (either my wake-up smoothie or a green smoothie) before I work out. After my workout I usually have eggs – this can be in a frittata with roasted vegetables and a little goats cheese or just two eggs poached on one piece of sourdough bread. Lunch is usually protein and salad or vegetables. And dinner is pretty much the same as lunch although I get a little more creative at night and might make a homemade pizza with a cauliflower base, healthy curry over steamed greens or pan fried salmon with roast vegetable and sweet potato mash. I always have dessert which is usually coconut yoghurt with berries, some home-made ice-cream (made of frozen bananas) or good quality dark chocolate. Snacks during the day are a handful of almonds, a piece of fruit or a home-made bliss ball.

I make myself a magnesium drink twice a day which helps with relaxation, muscle recovery and soreness.

I have a teaspoon of The Beauty Chef Inner Glow Powder in water for glowing skin and improved gut health. I also add collagen (ProPlenish) to my morning smoothies for my skin, hair and nails.

I don’t really think about aging until someone asks me……

Which has started to happen quite a bit lately – which I think has something to do with me turning 50. I’m not worried about getting older (or aging) because I know I take care of myself and as long as I look and feel good (and not just for my age) then I’m happy.

Story by Danielle de Gail.

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  1. January 17, 2018

    Very genuine and an inspiration to so (so) many. Love reading about successful women. Well done, Lorna.