If two different dream lives were offered to you, which would you choose: raising your twins in an idyllic island paradise, all lush palm trees and infinity pools, or designing whimsical yet modern concoctions of lace and silk in Paris, where red lipstick and streetside espressos are your daily essentials? Fashion designer Magali Pascal decided on both, and shared how dividing her time between Indonesia and France impacts her work, family, and her beauty routine.

“I love beauty products, however I tend to be fairly minimal in what I use.  I am very faithful to the products I love; it can be hard to find the perfect product, so once I do, I stick to it.

Clean skin is essential, so I gently clean my face every morning with Aesop’s Fabulous Face Cleanser. I then use a face toner from Caudalie called Vinopure Clear Skin Purifying Toner and let it dry, before applying Aesop’s Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream, which is for sensitive skin.

I start my makeup routine each day with Erborian Pink Perfect Crème all over my face. This is my favourite skincare product and works as the perfect base before applying any makeup.

Then I apply BB Crème Au Ginseng, which is also by Erborian. It’s much lighter than traditional foundations and gives a very natural glow, plus it contains SPF. I have been using this product for years and am yet to find anything better! I use Bobbi Brown’s Instant Full Cover Concealer around my eyes, which I apply with my fingers. It’s creamy but not too thick. Next is Lancome’s Virtuôse Precious Cells Mascara (Ed. note: exact product not available in Australia, try this similar option), which I have used since I was 16. It’s not waterproof, but it lengthens my eyelashes nicely. My last step is a natural tone lipstick from MAC called Twig, which I use on my lips and then put a little bit on my fingers and smudge it lightly onto my cheeks as blush.

I like to keep my hair natural, and try to wash it hair only twice a week to avoid overproducing oil.

I use a natural organic shampoo by Kéranove Naturanove Bio (Ed. note: not available in Australia), and a repairing conditioner by Phyto, which I apply just to the ends. I spend a bit more time on my hair if I am going out: blowdrying it and then using a bit of dry shampoo to add some volume. Once a week, usually at the weekend, I do a mask with natural coconut oil, focusing on my ends. Once the oil has dried, I’ll brush it through my hair and then wash it out.

I am based in Bali, but I travel to Paris at least twice a year for work, as well as to see my friends and family. I always find these trips so inspiring.

Wherever I am, I’m usually fairly minimal in terms of my beauty routine. When I’m in Bali, as it’s a tropical island, I go as natural as possible. I rely on good cleansing, sunscreen and hydration to keep my skin naturally glowing, and a little bit of mascara for the evening. When I’m in Paris my look is much the same; I only add red lipsticks for the final touch. I usually use either a bright or deep red, and tend to mix a few different shades from different brands to get the perfect colour that fits my mood. Two of my favourites are by Charlotte Tilbury: the Lip Cheat in Kiss n Tell, and Hot Lips 2 in Patsy Red. I feel most beautiful in a dry climate like France, too, a my hair goes naturally straight and shiny, and my skin glows.

I studied fashion in Paris at EnsAD (École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris) and worked as an intern for a couple of years in big fashion houses before I moved to Bali in 2002. 

I had always been interested in fashion; however it was only when I learned how to make my own patterns at school that it became a real passion. As a student I was obsessed with making my own clothes at home.

I love the constant challenges of my job; no day really feels the same and I am always learning something new. I also really enjoy seeing the women I admire wearing my clothes, and being able to work with local communities, especially women and artisans.

My style is minimal and nonchalant, sometimes with a small touch of the bohemian.

I’m a big fan of oversized blouses, which I often pair with feminine, high-waisted shorts, or with high-waisted jeans when I am in Paris.

I loved Clare Waight Keller’s designs when she was at Chloé – I wanted to buy almost every piece from her collections. I found them to be the perfect mix of high-end and bohemian, and had a modern, free spirit.

Day to day, I do have a pretty tight schedule!

I wake up really early so I can have some quality time with the twins before I go to work. We have two beautiful nannies that help look after them during the week so I can focus on work. And then my weekends are always dedicated to my children.

I swim every day when I come home from work and play with the kids in the pool. It’s the most relaxing time of the day. I feel so lucky to have the space we have and this time with the kids.

I like to have lemon juice first thing in the morning.

I also drink apple cider vinegar mixed with water throughout the day to keep my digestive system alkaline and help with general wellbeing. I love drinking fresh coconut water; not only is it really refreshing but it has so many health benefits.

I exercise at home three or four times a week for about 45 minutes.

I do some cardio on the elliptical before I do a mix of floor exercises. That releases endorphins, which can really shift my mood and help me start my day with a clear mind. I have a Balinese massage once a week at Espace, and like to go to Esthetic for their nail treatments and manicures, and La Beaute, which is a hair spa – they do the most amazing cream bath head massages in Bali.

Doing things that help keep a positive state of mind is the real key to overall health, I think.

I eat a diet low in carbs, so no bread, pasta, or rice… unless it’s a special occasion!

I’m a big believer in following a keto diet, as it helped me lose weight after I gave birth to the twins.

I’m not so strict with it anymore, but I still like to keep things fairly low carb, to maintain my weight. At home I love cooking keto recipes, such as quiche made from coconut and almond flour. I’m a French girl though, and absolutely love bread. I keep it as a treat to look forward to by making sure I spoil myself with it whenever I’m in Paris!”

Story by Zoe Briggs. Paris photography by Laurence Revol. Bali photography by Tommaso Riva, styling by Kristin Rawson. Additional Bali images by Matt Neville.

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