Traditional male grooming continues its takeover, thanks to an influx of prep and prime goods for the guys. In an effort to find a bird’s eye view on the trend, we spoke to partners in life and business, Jason Minty and Adam Khoury. As owner of Potts Point boutique Becker Minty, Jason knows how to beautifully curate the ultimate items for everyday luxury and has edited their grooming offering down to a cult selection of modern man’s must-haves. Adam is behind the business’ bespoke catering arm Becker Minty Catering, and has a particularly finely-tuned nose. He was raised in the beauty world as his mother, Margaret, works with perfume guru Michael Edwards at Fragrances of the World.

With Adam being a fine fragrance fanatic and Jason a grooming connoisseur – they have cultivated quite the beauty collection over time. They welcomed us into their gorgeous Elizabeth Bay apartment and shared their immaculate wares.


I’m basically a three-step groomer

– cleanse, moisturise and then add whatever else is necessary. When I find easy, fast and effective grooming products, I tend to gravitate towards them. I use either a Triumph & Disaster Ritual Face Cleanser daily in the shower or a Dermalogica scrub and Triumph and Disaster Rock and Roll Suicide Scrub weekly, (I like to mix it up).  All these products leave the skin feeling both clean and more importantly comfortable. I shave in the shower using either the Triumph and Disaster cleanser or I steal Adam’s Dermalogica Face Wash. For my morning moisturise I switch between Bad Norwegian Moisturiser (a fun play on Norwegian Bath products especially designed for men) and Triumph and Disaster’s Gameface Moisturiser (especially good in cold weather, thank you New Zealand). My night moisturise is with Bad Norwegian Rejuvenating Anti Wrinkle Cream – I love the tingle, which makes me feel like it’s working hard for me throughout the night. Puffy eyes see me use my trusted Lab Series Eye Cream, another product I have used since flying days.

Looking after my hair is easy

I use Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo and Treatment – I LOVE these products and have used them for years. For daytime shaping, I combine a half mix of Pure Elements Ginseng Control Butter and Avocado Shine Butter. This gives the perfect strength for shaping without the wet look. When it comes to fragrance, I can’t possibly have just one favourite. Arquiste Boutonniere No. 7 is gardenia heaven. I also love Eight and Bob, as well as the legendary Dior Eau Sauvage and almost anything by Tom Ford.

I leave taking care of my body mostly up to Adam

He makes sure I eat well and exercise now and again. I add to that deep breathing, (my form of meditation), which is a lifesaver when you are stressed and busy.

We opened Becker Minty eight years ago

and just prior to opening I was at a bit of a crossroad in my life, so serendipity seemed to play a part in the store’s opening. It was to be a retail concept store that offered all the things we loved best across the spheres of home, fashion, antiques and jewellery – all the finer things in life which we love to share with the world. I have an amazing team supporting me and I love it when clients ‘get it’ and we see full bags accompanied by smiles leaving the store. It’s extra thrill being able to introduce new and undiscovered products and suppliers to the Australian market.


As the event manager for Becker Minty

I work on product launches, VIP events and run Becker Minty bespoke catering. I love creating an event from scratch and working closely with our clients, tailoring each experience providing something really chic and fabulous – I’m also lucky our clients understand and appreciate luxury.

I have always been conscious of taking care of my skin from an early age

Mum always said you must cleanse and moisturise your face daily if you want nice skin when you get older. I spent a lot of time in the sun as a child, we were a beach family and our parents always had that deep olive tan – now that I’m older and more aware of sun damage I’m all about taking preventative measures – a nice strong SPF helps. I also love Dermalogica – I’ve been loyal for years. Every morning I clean my face with their Special Cleansing Gel, then apply the Active Moist Mosituriser and Multivitamin Power Firm Eye Cream. I’m also addicted to my Paw Paw stick – it has been a good constant in my life. My hair is curly and can get quite dry so I have to be careful with the product I use. I simply towel dry and apply a tiny bit of product and it lasts all day… if there is no wind. Paul Mitchell Intensive Keratin Treatment and Damage Remedy by AVEDA as my hair is very dry and curly, so I find these products help me manage it. I also don’t wash it more than once a week and use a keratin moisturiser when I feel it needs some love.

It was great having a mother in the beauty industry

The house was always filled with amazing scents and she would always include us in her world. We also learnt the heritage and stories behind each fragrance that is created which helped us understand and connect with a scent that reminded us of something we were fond of or could relate too. It was, and still is, a really fun and interesting time. I have loved Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford since its launch and still wear it in summer. It’s so fresh; it just reminds me of summer every time I smell it. I’m also addicted to Boutonniere No 7 by Arquiste. The smell of gardenia brings me back to my childhood. I could never choose a favourite between the two.

I have been going to MANKiND in Surry Hills for almost 10 years

I love their facials. I find it more relaxing than a massage. I buy all my products from there and love to try something new every time I go in. I get my hair cut at Valonz in Paddington. It’s the experience and energy I love, the staff are always encouraging you to try something new. I’ll get a facial at now and again and a pedicure when overseas or on holidays too – the Landmark Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong has the absolute best pedicure in the world.

I’ve always had a healthy diet and I try to work out five days a week

I use a personal training app called Trainerize – my trainer got me on to it. It creates workouts for you and records your progress. It’s like having personal trainer with the freedom to go to the gym whenever you like. I train at the PE dept in Potts Point. It’s small and doesn’t get too busy which I love. We lead such busy lives with crazy schedules that I need to work out to keep me sane…I find it relaxes me and helps me sleep much better.

I have always been a healthy eater. Plenty of greens, brown rice and protein have always kept me on the trim side. I drink a lot of alkaline water while training as it keeps you hydrated much longer.

Story by Ally McManus, Photography by Daniel Gurton

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  1. September 1, 2015

    Can we have a "who" with Margaret? I’d love a peek at her personal fragrance collection.

  2. September 1, 2015
    Marcia A.

    Wonderful insight into these two gorgeous men. Love the read and some great recommendations too. Keep up the brilliance and luxury boys, your store is outstanding! Well done!