Try as hard as you might, it will surely be a challenge to think of another zeitgeist-y accessories brand that has been co-founded not by an unapproachable influencer, but by a nurse and a teacher. In 2018, while still working their government jobs, Jayde Hall and Hayley Hall did just that, launching their sunglasses brand Luv Lou, named for their much-loved Nan, Louanne. The sisters describe working together on their ‘shared baby’ (not to be confused with Hayley’s human baby, Dusty, to whom Jayde is the doting aunt) as being a dream come true. They told us about the major life upheavals that encouraged them to focus on health and happiness over the careers they thought they wanted, and why a balance of holistic health and injectables is the key to looking and feeling their best.

J: Our mum is a nurse and our dad is a paramedic, so they’re both really hard workers, but they also instilled in us the importance of having work/life balance.

We grew up in Narrabeen in the northern beaches, so our childhood was spent outdoors and by the ocean, playing sports, swimming and surfing. Our parents were big on family adventures, like camping and skiing, so our holidays were always fun and very special. They really taught us that the whole point of life was to enjoy time with family and friends, and to travel. I feel this helped us both to prioritise working hard, while also being able to celebrate our successes and to make the most of the freedom that comes with running our own business.


H: I believe when an opportunity arises fear should not be a reason to turn you away. Rather dive in and embrace the unknown.

Mum and Dad always made us feel very supported and loved, and emphasised the importance of kindness and respect. I think that foundation has made it more doable to tackle the trickier parts of life. I think your early twenties can be a really confusing time, as you’re trying to work out who you are and what and where you want to be. Trying to land the dream job is hard, and you don’t really appreciate until you are older that all the paths that open up as life goes on are so valuable. I am glad I bit the bullet and did a couple of big moves (overseas to work on a cruise ship and to Byron, where I’d never been, for work). They taught me to connect with new people and make lifelong friends in a new place, and I learned that independence and change can be extremely liberating.

By far the most challenging period in my life has been the journey of becoming a mum. Experiencing a miscarriage before my son Dusty was born was extremely tough. I think more people are starting to feel braver to speak about their own experiences, which can be a real opportunity for bonding. When I think back to both pregnancies, you become so vulnerable while you’re growing a tiny human! You overcome these tough times with the surrounding love from friends and family, and being open to talk to others who have walked the same path.

J: I had my own extremely difficult period around the end of my time as a nurse in the Emergency Department.

I was really struggling to process the emotional aspect of witnessing so much tragedy (and often fatality). I become very anxious, as my empathy overtook my ability to compartmentalise and do the job at hand.

I had to take care of my own mental health and the only way to do this was to remove myself from the department and work in another area of the hospital. At the time I was disappointed in myself, because I felt like I had failed. Now, I believe that experience taught me that the most important thing to focus on is your own health, both physical and mental. Without that, you can’t help anyone around you.

J: Working together was always a dream of ours.

At the time we came up with the concept for Luv Lou, we were both working government jobs and wanted a creative outlet. What began as sampling a range turned into a successful side hustle. Eventually, the juggle between our ‘real’ jobs, Hayley being a new mum and then us both trying to give so much time to our new shared business baby was just too much. I knew I had to completely focus on Luv Lou to give it the attention it deserves, so we could see it grow.

H: Running a business with my sister, who is also my best friend is hands down the best part of my work.

We have such a beautiful and creative team at Luv Lou and it feels more like a coffee catch up some days, rather than work.

J: And the worst part is trying to keep up with the growing social media platforms!

J: I have recently changed up my routine and am loving the results.

My morning skin care is very basic, uring all Dermalogica products. I just cleanse with their Special Cleansing Gel, followed by their AGE Bright Clearing Serum and their Clear Start Clearing Defense SPF 30. In the evening I do a double cleanse with the same cleanser, followed by Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, a spritz of theElla Baché Daily Hydration Mist, apply the same serum from the morning and then the Emma Lewisham Skin Reset Serum. I finish off with the Ella Baché Botanical Skin Treatment Oil, Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream and Imbibe Collagen Eyes.

H: Growing up I suffered with eczema and sensitive, dry skin, so my skincare regime has always been considered and simple.

In the morning I like to cleanse my face with the Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Cleanser. I then apply the Maaemo Vitalize Face Elixir, followed by the Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance and finish with the Ella Baché Daily Hydration Mist. If I am planning a day in the sun I will always use the Maaemo Pure Defence SPF 30. In the evening I cleanse and moisturise with the same products as in the morning, applying the Emma Lewisham Skin Reset Serum in between. Then I finish with Weleda Skin Food which is beautiful. I also love lathering my body in the Body Butter version, as it’s so rich and nourishing.

H: My go-to, everyday make up consists of either the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser or Dior Forever Skin Veil SPF20, depending on the coverage I am wanting.

Due to having such dry skin, I love using my Weleda Skin Food as my primer before makeup as it gives me more of a dewy look. Then I will put on the Mecca Max Off Duty Blush Stick and Mecca Max Off Duty Glow Stick, and the Saint Bronzing Powder, which I also like using as eyeshadow. From here, it’s a matter of applying my Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara and brushing out my eyebrows. I love finishing with Ella Baché Daily Hydration Mist and have this in my bag at all times for a quick refresh.

J: I love applying a face oil before my makeup. As my skin tends to get dry, I find this helps create an ultra-glowy look.

To keep the glow going, I like to use cream-based makeup products. Some favourites are the Nudestix makeup sticks, especially the bronzer, blush and highlighter.

H: I love a facial every few months, to give my skin some love.

Skin by Skye McKie, Mona Vale Skin & Soul and MK Skin & Beauty are all divine and use both Dermalogica and Ella Baché products.

Being a blonde, I look forward to my hair appointments  with Em Whitte at Salon W, who I have been seeing for years.

I recently had a lymphatic drainage massage at The Calmm with Jessie and felt so rejuvenated afterwards. And I have regular appointments for a massage and an infrared sauna session at Mesa Freshwater, as part of prioritising self-love. I cannot recommend this place enough, and find it such a great way to take some time for myself.

J: I love massages and saunas at Mesa too, and Brittany at Mona Vale Skin & Soul makes any treatment feel like absolute heaven.

Infrared saunas are my favourite way of relaxing and unwinding, and resetting my body and mind. During lockdown I actually bought one of my own, and started using it almost daily. My favourite form of relaxation is sitting in the sauna and having proper me time. I switch off entirely and listen to a podcast, music, or watch a mindless show. 

H: I am a regular at both Feels Pilates and Modern Movement.

I love the reformer and circuit classes that Feels offers, and their amazing, inspiring trainers. Plus. it has a creche, so I can take Dusty with me. I also love spending a mid-week or even Sunday evening at Modern Movement, where I have been going for years. Both the yoga they offer and the studio space itself are simply divine, and combined they provide the reset from the hustle and bustle of busy Sydney life that we all need. Otherwise, when I am in need of relaxation, I head to the ocean, whether it’s for an actual swim, or just walking on the beach or over the headland. It’s truly my happy place.

J: I love reformer Pilates and have been doing it for years. However, this year I decided I needed to change up my routine, as I was lacking interest.

I now go to Chocolate Box Gym in Cromer, as it offers reformer Pilates as well as group training, strength and conditioning classes and yoga. It is such a motivating place, and I love how my training can be different week to week.

H: Since having Dusty I have less time on my hands to prep food, so I am a big advocate for convenience and quick and easy nutrition.

My day always starts with an oat milk latte and then I have a smoothie or oats for breakfast. This normally sees me through until lunch, when I will have a tuna salad, sushi or an easy salad wrap. Dinner is always my favourite time to eat and indulge. We love our Hello Fresh meals and opt for the vegetarian option, where we get to eat lots of lentils, roast vegetables and Mexican dishes. I like finishing the evening with a herbal tea and some dark chocolate.

J: I am all for the inner aspects of ageing.

I believe as I get older I’m finding myself more and more and embracing the quirks of my personality. I feel getting older helps you to care less what other people think, and I’m loving that. As far as how your looks change, though… I’ll be honest and say I’m a strong believer in Botox!

Story and interview by Zoe Briggs. Photography by Lucy Douglas of Lucie Studio.

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