With ten books to her name, a vitamin range, a fitness line and her 12 Week Body Transformation weight loss program worth at least $16 million a year, Michelle Bridges is building one heck of a health empire - one perfectly chiseled piece at a time. Since launching into the media stratosphere as a personal trainer on The Biggest Loser back in 2007, the energetic brunette has attracted legions of fans for her pragmatic approach to exercise - a kind of tough-love laced with tenderness, that has thousands following her every edict.

We relished the opportunity to see inside Michelle’s glamorous inner city apartment and glimpse a different side of the trainer. She graciously let us rifle through her beauty cabinet and nose through her pantry (sorry, no surprises there), revealing a sensible approach to skincare and health.

I’m all about health and fitness

My beauty regime starts with what I put into my body, as far as nutrients, and also what I do with my body, as far as exercise. That’s what it really stems from. I aim to train seven days a week, knowing the reality will be I’ll stick five. But if I aim for seven, that means I’ll grab time wherever I can. I don’t wear any makeup for training.

My friends say, “She’s the queen of cream!”

For night I cleanse and use the A+ and Ultra Brightening Face Cream and Eye Cream.  The founder of Ultraceuticals, Dr. Geoffrey Heber and his wife, Deborah used to come to my Body Pump classes when I was teaching at Balmain Fitness! They also run Heber Davis Skin Clinic and I go there for a treatment called Pelleve. It just makes your face just glow and firms the skin. Heber Davis are amazing. The treatments there are results driven and very focused on skin care.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino is my all time favourite scent…

I love it. I wear it all the time. A woman by the name of Alice Hampton sent it to me because she was working for Estee Lauder and Tom Ford at the time. I do wear different fragrances. But it’s the one I always go to. I am also a die hard for Aesop as the scent is always something so unique and fresh. I use the body wash and hand wash and always feel like it wakes me up in the morning!

I’m a major fan of taking care of yourself. You only get one body – take care of it. Nurture it. It’s all about balance. I’m not a purist, I love to eat out. I don’t mind a wine or two. I train, I eat well. I make sure to take time out. I hang with my mates. I work hard. It’s all part of life and living.

For facials, I go to Jocelyn Petroni in Woollahra

It’s not just a facial. It’s a spiritual experience! She is a total pro and clearly loves what she does. I have a mantra in my life – I’m only interested in working with people who are passionate about what they do. Jocelyn fits the bill to perfection. My massage therapist Georgie at Khoury Chiropractic in Potts Point is another definition of this. She is the best massage therapist I have ever had, and trust me, I had quite a few!

My hairdresser is also passionate! Paloma from Oscar Oscar in Paddington. The products I use are fabulous as Im always having my hair blow dried with work. Shu Uemurashampoo and conditioner along with a leave in moisturiser.

When I don’t have to wear makeup I try not to…

My makeup gets done quite a lot so when I don’t have to wear makeup, I won’t. When I do The Biggest Loser my makeup gets done every single day for five months and I don’t mind that, I love it. Primers are good. Clarins Beauty Flash helps your skin smooth out and tightens up a little bit. I like to use MAC Strobe Cream, mix that with a foundation so that it gives you that dewy look.

I’ve put Blackmores range together…

because I wanted it to be simple, make sense and I don’t want to be taking bucket loads of tablets every day. I get that life happens, you have to be able to pump up your nutrients at various times so there may be times when you need natural therapy to get better sleep or you might want to pump up your vitamin C. So the range that I’ve put together is small and you don’t have to take it all either, just what’s happening in your life. I’ve got a greens drink and a reds drink so I put the two together and I always take my multi, I always take my fish oil and then depending on what’s going on, I might pump up my vitamin C. I have green food every day, whether that be spinach, broccoli, bok choy, lettuce, I have green in virtually every meal.

Interview by Sigourney Cantelo; Photography by Daniel Gurton; Hair by Paloma for Oscar Oscar Paddington; Makeup by Regina Gao; Styling by Lucia Arias-Martinez; Still-life styling and assisted by Ahtra Elnashar. 

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  1. November 16, 2016

    Absolutely adore that fringe skirt, who is the designer?

  2. November 16, 2016

    I hate putting on sunscreen before working out because it sweats into my eyes and burns, any tips for this???

  3. November 17, 2016

    I’m also a cream-hoarder! Skincare has basically become a hobby of mine

  4. November 17, 2016

    Her apartment looks beautiful!