To say Snezana Markoski and Sam Wood beat the love odds would be a gross understatement. Not only did they meet and fall in love on a reality show, they're engaged, business partners, a blended family and about to welcome a new baby to the mix. Oh, and they're legitimately crazy about each other. When The Bachelor Australia first aired, it would be fair to say it was received with a good amount of skepticism. See, the US version hadn't given us a lot of hope - 21 seasons, and just three couples are still together. But, along with fellow Bachelor-alum Anna Heinrich and Tim Robards (engaged) and Matty J and Laura Byrne (newly in love), Sam and Snez know how it's done. With their fitness business venture 28 by Sam going strong while handling a hectic home life, we were eager to see how this ridiculously good-looking couple keep it together. So, we spoke to the two about stealing each other's products, awkward teen beauty blunders and the pregnancy craving Snez wasn't expecting...


“Since becoming pregnant with our second little girl my beauty routine has changed slightly.

Firstly, I completely gave up on anything that helped reduce the appearance of my melasma (hyper pigmentation) if you go into the science behind it, whilst pregnant, that’s a battle you’ll never win. Instead I chose to focus more on keeping my skin well hydrated and nourished. I discovered Tata Harperearly on in my pregnancy. They’re natural, non-toxic and deliver incredible results. I’m obsessed with the entire range, but a few I am currently using are ultra-hydrating Reparative Moisturizer in the mornings, Moisturizing Mask as a night cream, Resurfacing Mask 2-3 times a week to give me that immediate extra glow. Be True sheer lip treatment to keep these babies soft and supple.

I love experimenting with new products…

… and seeing what works for me and what doesn’t. Having said that I do have some old trusty faithfuls that have stood the test of time, like my mascara! I have tried almost every mascara out there but I would have to say my favourite is the Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara. I don’t think there’s another mascara on the market that can currently compete with it.

The first beauty product I ever used was my mum’s eyelash curler.

She had it on her dresser, I actually thought it was an eyelash cutter used to trim your lashes. I would try to press down really hard so I’d snip those babies off and think ‘These things are shit! All they do is bend my lashes they don’t even cut!’ My fave features would be my cheekbones and lips. Both of which, once upon a time, I hated. Growing up I was teased because of the angles of my cheeks and my full lips. When you add a big overbite to the combination made me look like I was constantly pouting, especially when in relaxed. Actually it still does. Nowadays these things works to my advantage because I don’t have to over lip-line, use injections or pout to make them look plump and pouty.


Unless some smart cookies figure out a way to stop our telomeres from decreasing in length, we are going to get old…

… and I think I’m semi okay with that. I feel a lot of people start to use age as an excuse to stop looking after themselves, to stop exercising, being active, they stop seeing and learning new and wonderful things. Why shouldn’t you get active, exercise to get that body you always wanted to be the best version of yourself? Why shouldn’t you get that tightening facial that makes you feel and look amazing? Why shouldn’t you go back to uni and study something you always wanted to as a mature age student? I did and I’ll probably do it again. If it makes you happy should you really care what anyone else thinks? Life shouldn’t stop or slow down because we’re getting older it should inspire us to take the steps to be healthier and do more of the things we always wanted to do.

When I’m a little stressed or flustered I like to practice a little mindfulness.

Luckily for me this is a part of Sam’s 28 Program and he even has Hamish Blake narrating some of the professionally written mindfulness pieces. This always gets me in a better head space. I also like to just sit back and read scientific journals or watch documentaries on science, history or animal channels. I find this both stimulating and relaxing.

At the moment my diet is breakfast cereal every day, four times a day!

I used to crave salty pickles but my cravings these days have me wanting cereal for every meal! When I’m not pregnant, I’m a big fan of charred greens and poached eggs for brekky (a danish if I feel like treating myself), a big salad for lunch and then anything from grilled chicken with zucchini salad to Sam’s butter chicken when he feels like cooking dinner.”


“I’m lucky enough to be one of those people that truly loves going to work every day.

Not only do I get to meet amazing people, I get to see the real difference that I’m making. For this I am so grateful. I love that no two days are the same, I am constantly learning and that I don’t have to spend all day at a computer! I didn’t always know what I wanted to do, but I took a leap of faith and am thankful every day that I did. It was really a ‘let’s try this and see what happens’ kind of decision because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Luckily for me I knew almost instantly that I had made the right choice.

When it comes to grooming, I’m definitely a minimalist.

I scrub my face every morning with an exfoliator and put Snez’s moisturiser on before bed. I have a pretty boring routine but I always make sure I smell good. For me it’s about my hair and cologne. I don’t wash it that much, maybe once a week. For me, my technique is simple.  A quick blow dry and Eleven strong hold styling paste so it stays all day. I’m really liking Mont Blanc cologne at the moment. I love to accessorise with a good watch.

It took a little bit of getting used to having makeup on so much with The Bachelor.

But, I remember stealing mum’s foundation once to cover a pimple I had before a date with a girl, how embarrassing. Back then, I was more self-conscious and am definitely more relaxed now. Pimples and braces are not a good combination. When I was a kid I used to steal stuff from mum and dad’s bathroom when I first started getting pimples. I stole dads shaving kit once, not that I needed it for quite some time.

I prefer to get my nutrition from real food…

… but I usually have a scoop of quality protein powder in my smoothies or snacks. We just brought out our own 28 by Sam Wood Protein Powder and it is seriously delicious.I make sure I have 3 quality meals every day plus healthy snacks. We’re lucky enough to have a fully functioning kitchen at 28HQ so I’m often cooking up meals from the program in between meetings or filming. For breakfast I have a Breakfast Hash or smoothie, for lunch a chicken & avo sandwich and dinner a Woody’s Butter Chicken or pan-fried salmon. I exercise for 28 minutes every single day. It’s all about quality not quantity and making sure there’s plenty of variety. When it comes to techniques – I’m a big fan of HIIT and making sure you balance it out with swimming, stretching or yoga (I’m as flexible as a bathroom tile) and walking my dog Hendrix while listening to a good podcast.”

Story by Rikki Hodge-Smith; Interview by Sigourney Cantelo; Photography by Allegra Scifandzia

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  1. October 9, 2017

    Im with you all the way Snez woman do seem to use getting older as an excuse to not look after themselves.. When I go out, even if its just up the street, I always put makeup on. I use moisturizer every day but let my face breath at night. I also make sure I dress up when Im going out for tea. My girlfriends just wear pants all the time where I like to wear a dress and heels. My Mother was my best role model there.
    she always looked so nice. Always wearing makeup and suits and high heels in her eighties. I dont want to look old before I have to. Im 67 You look absolutely beautiful. You could put a hessian bag on and still look beautiful. I love the way you and Sam are so happy. XX